Solo Female Travel Mexico City

Solo Female Travel Mexico City: Mexico is a great place for females who love to explore the World alone. Back Pack Your bags & Explore It!


Summer is back again, thinking of great vacation to enjoy and to explore the innate regions of the world? Then it is high time to plan for some exotic locations for a perfect holiday. But wait! Your partner may not actually be ready for a vacation as yet. Perhaps you have to travel all by yourself to satisfy your aesthetic needs. But no worries, we are here to guide you through and help you create a perfect vacation that you would cherish all through your life. The focus of this article is to explain Mexico City travel by single women travelers.

Mexico is located in North America at the north of United States of America and has extensive coastlines to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Now we get an idea why Mexico City has been the favorite location for most English Women, who will not want to enjoy sun baths and natural waves on the city’s coasts? Also the city has a pleasant weather all through the year and would not affect the skin and homeostatic balance of females. For, they are the most beauty conscious sex, and would have absolutely no skin hazards while roaming through the streets in Mexico. The food here is exotic and is tummy friendly and has places of archaeological significance, making the perfect spots for elegant photography, something women would love to fill their personal closets with.

Baja Peninsula


Mexico has been ranked the 7th best destination for Foreigners to enjoy their vacations, and its beach resorts are one among its best attractions, It is recorded that most single women travelers to Mexico from America throng around the Baja Peninsula, Mexico one of the best and modernized beach resorts, while European ladies congregate near resorts at the southern part of Mexico and colonial towns like Guanajuato, San Cristobal etc.

The first challenge faced by single women travelers to Mexico City is the safety, though the threat is safe as that of the threat for a women travelling along anywhere else in the world. the party- hearty atmosphere prevalent in the city and women should be beware of taking drinks in parties and social events as there are chances for mixing narcotic stuff to the drink. It’s better not to be careless and blame Mexico later on.

There are ample things to do in Mexico City and both men and women are treated equal here, but still few traditional ideologies dominate here and women need to follow few points in mind to enjoy the best holiday in Mexico. It is better to dress conservatively like the locals here to avoid undesired attention as a foreigner and travel to places during the day. Never expose yourself as an unknown person, by looking through maps and guidebooks on the streets. Choose to stay in a decent hotel, and learn few phrases in the local language.

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