Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam in 2018

If you wish to take a vacation from your daily routine and just relax and enjoy at a laidback place, then Amsterdam is the perfect place to be at. Amsterdam offers everything that a person wants on their trip. Right from some of the oldest museums to the lush green parks, Amsterdam is like a small brother to London or Paris. Apart from all these attractions, it boasts some of the most beautiful cafes and restaurants that you will ever visit in your life. Plus the people here super friendly with their laid back lifestyle.


Here is a perfect vacation guide and best itinerary planner for Amsterdam if case you are thinking of it for your net trip.

Starting off with the museums, Amsterdam has some of the oldest and beautiful museums in the country. You should visit Amsterdam Museum for witnessing the last eight centuries of urban evolution. You can actually see some of the oldest objects like 700 year old shoes here. Also, do not forget to visit Rijksmuseum which is counted as one of the top museums here. It contains the Dutch works mostly from 15th to 17th century which is a must watch.

Amsterdam is a city full of bridges. Criss-crossed by bridges, 165 canals are found in the city which keeps the sea at the bay. The inner waterways provide an attractive border to the areas of Jordaan and the Pjip. As you travel through these canals, you will come across the famous Anne Frank House. It is a must see attraction here. You can experience how Anne Frank could have actually written a whole journal sitting in the house. It is altogether a different experience to witness the history in this house.

Amsterdam also offers some of the best parks you will ever see. Vondelpark is one such spot for a perfect picnic. The park is more than just a park; it actually witnesses people coming together for dance music and feast. It is more of a cultural hub, which makes it a must visit place on your trip to Amsterdam.

Bikes play an important role while you are in Amsterdam. Exploring the alleys of the beautiful city on bikes is an experience in itself. You should rent a bike and probably take a guided tour to see the beauty of the city.

Coming down to the churches, Amsterdam boasts some of the most beautiful architecture churches.  The city’s oldest church Oude Kerk, is a must see place for its 15th century construction and paintings on the walls. The whole construction gives a vibe of Gothic and Renaissance façade.

Jordaan is the place full of modern arts, is a picturesque district in Amsterdam. Here you can find 40 specialist galleries in homes or shops. People here are the most friendly one’s you will find.

Amsterdam also has a secret garden which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Begijnhof is a secluded garden which gives the perfect peace and get away from the crowd of the city.

Coming down to the markets and shopping in Amsterdam, flower markets are a must visit here. The most famous place to buy tulips is the Bloemenmarkt and you can find verities of flavorful cheeses at Reypaner. Also, the most famous wind mill to see is De Gooyer where you can sip a mug of beer while witnessing the beautiful view around.

And do not forget to catch a live jazz session at Bimhuis. Amsterdam is incomplete without trying out the local raw herrings at a food joint. Apart from that, there are numerous cafes serving you the best sea food you will ever have. Do not forget to have a good travel app as your journey guide.

Thus, Amsterdam is a perfect laid back place, if you are planning a vacation soon.


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