Explore the Best Romantic Destination in Paris

Paris Travel Guide helps us to explore the best romantic destination on Earth


Paris is the most populous city in the entire France, mainly owing to its annual visitors, for this destination is exotic at all seasons. It is situated on the banks of the river Seine and is a metropolitan state of France. Lately it has become the best centre of arts and learning and is one of the leading business and cultural centres in Europe. Let me progress with the best 10 reasons to visit Paris and why it always forms the best holiday destination for people all over the world.

Best reasons to visit Paris:

Buildings and monuments:
No Pairs trip is complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower, the controversial and the most recognised landmark of Paris so you should create your travel itinerary according to popular attractions. It was amazing to see the tower sparkle with 20,000 lights after sunset.

The Arc de Triomphe:

Though we have come across many Arch de Triomphe, this one is Paris is located at the end of the Elysees. About twelve roads arrive and leave from this particular landmark. It is a good sight to climb up the observatory at the peak hour and watch the uniformed officers direct the traffic.

Food and drinks:
Paris Tourism flourishes with its exotic and delicious cheese, patisseries and breads complimented by French wines, gourmets and tasty food in restaurants. Be sure to visit the Champagne region for the best treat.


Shopping in Paris.jpg
The departmental stores at the Printemps and the Lafayette are excellent outlets to grab few fashion attires at the best possible rate. These are excellent venues for window shopping as well.


Paris Museum.jpg
The Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo Museum are breath taking venues and are a must lead extended by Paris travel guides. It takes hours and days to complete watching the inspirational museum. Better be prepared with adequate food and water. The Musee Rodin is worth adding here as the museum is packed with exorbitant sculptures.

The Notre Dame Cathedral was built in the year 1163 and tourist should make it a point to have a complete look of this cathedral, as each of its views is spectacular. There are unique artisan shops that surround the basilica and make it and delight in the afternoons.

Paris is known for its prison, which was the house for so many people before the execution of the French revolution. The palace of Versailles is worth a trip as well. Its gardens and meadows are exotic and the rich history and the monuments of Paris are indeed great reasons for flourishing Paris tourism.


The Jardin des Tuileries.jpg
The Jardin des Tuileries on the way from the Louvre museum and the Luxembourg gardens are great places to shop, especially if packed with a picnic lunch on the sun filled afternoons. These gardens have good music and play zones for kids to enjoy.

River Seine:

River Seine
This river is the heart of Paris and Paris tourist information should cover the dining facilities along with the spectacular views of the river, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre and the romantic bridges of Paris.


Paris bridge.jpg
These are romantic places indeed as they are filled with beautiful work of art and charm beyond one’s belief. They are best places for a romantic evening walk as well.

It is quite impossible to include everything Paris has to offer for its tourists. To discover more on this land, visit Paris trip planner.

Top Tips to Plan a Trip to Frankfurt

Planning a vacation to get away from your routine? Frankfurt is the best place to visit. Frankfurt offers rich history, culture and many more to its tourists.

Everybody needs a vacation to get away from their routine once in a while. The most important thing you need to do is plan a trip and calculate your trip budget with trip calculator apps before your leave. It helps you travel efficiently and you save a lot at the same time which can be utilized later for other things and activities. If you are planning such a vacation to get away from your routine, Frankfurt is one of the best places to visit. Situated in the heart of Germany, Frankfurt offers rich history, culture and many more things to its tourists.


While you can’t see all of it in a single trip, there are few places which are a must visit. Also, there are few things which you need to know before planning a trip to Frankfurt.

Here is a perfect vacation guide to help you plan a memorable trip to Frankfurt.

The most important thing you need to see for is the best season to visit Frankfurt. It is during April to May and August to September, Frankfurt is at its best. It is therefore, always advisable to plan your trip in these to witness the green landscapes with perfect weather.


Frankfurt is the biggest and largest financial center with number of top banks and stock exchange centers making it one of the most important cities in Germany. Having said that, it is the logistical hub as you can go to any part of Europe from here. Frankfurt boasts air, rail and road transport which lets you travel all across Europe and within the city very easily. Thus, remember to take the local transport while you are here as it helps you explore the city and the culture easily. You can also go for the city walks which happen to be in some parts of the city.

Coming down to the places you can visit, Frankfurt has got it all to please the tourists. Right from the museums to the botanical gardens, everything you can find here has a rich history to it.


Starting off with the rich history and art Frankfurt has got to offer, do not forget to visit the famous Goethe’s house which is the birthplace of the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. You can witness some of his writings and also the antic walls and the house which was the residence of the writer. This is one of the must visit places in Frankfurt.


Frankfurt has number of art galleries and museums which boasts some of the oldest artworks and paintings. Stadel is among the best museums you will ever see in Frankfurt. The museum shows 700 years of art under single roof which makes the places a must visit on your trip to Frankfurt.


Also, Frankfurt has some of the best skyscrapers. The Main Tower is a must visit, which is 56-storey skyscraper in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt. The site is a spectacle to witness at the night time when the whole city lightens up.


Frankfurt is a city full of festivals. There are number of different festivals held throughout the year. Thus, if you planning a trip soon, make sure you attend one of the festivals while you are there. Museums Riverbank Festival, Festival of Stoneware are some of the most popular ones that you ought to visit.


Nightlife in Frankfurt is also one of the things you should not miss on your trip. To make your evening truly memorable, head to Ostend district where you can find some of the best nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

To sum up, Frankfurt is among the best places you can ever visit. With its rich history and culture, Frankfurt offers perfect travel itinerary for any traveller. Taking good care and keeping a few things in mind, you can definitely plan a perfect trip to Frankfurt.

Top Tips to Plan a Trip to Venice

Are your planning a trip to Venice? Here is a perfect travel guide that helps you to plan a memorable trip to Venice. Build on the beautiful islands of Adriatic Sea and its rich culture and heritage makes it a perfect location for your holidays.

Planning a trip to any place is more important before leaving for your trip. It helps you travel more efficiently as well as you save a lot which can be used later for some other purposes on your trip. Well, if you are thinking of getting out of the routine and plan a trip to someplace, then Venice is the perfect choice for you. Build on the islands of Adriatic Sea, Venice has everything to offer for a tourist. Right from rich culture and heritage to some of the most beautiful restaurants and cafes with a view, Venice has got it all. There are certain things you need to know for planning a vacation to Venice.


Here is a perfect vacation guide that helps me to plan my holiday to Venice will also helps you in planning a memorable trip to Venice.

No matter how good you are at finding places on map and travelling, you are sure to get lost in Venice. The sprawling small streets are the reason you easily get lost in the city. But that’s an advantage as you can really experience the local culture and the people while you stroll down these medieval streets of Venice. You can have a cup of coffee and some pastry at any café in Venice to make the experience even more memorable.


The best time to visit Venice is generally from October to April as you can experience the different side of Venice all together. You literally enjoy the foggy mornings, snow fall at times and the city is best in winter season.


Also, Venice has a lot to offer for everyone. Thus, it is advisable to at least spend a week in Venice to understand and experience the culture better. And, do not forget to visit the 11-day Carnevale di Venezia, which is a super fun carnival in here. You can experience the local music, food and dance during the carnival time.

Venice is the city of gondolas they say. Thus, do not miss the gondola ride on your trip to Venice. Also, it is always advisable to walk down the streets instead of taking a bus or a taxi. It is more fun as well as you get to know the local people and the culture better. In the evening, go for a gondola ride to witness the beautiful view of the city while riding the canals of the city.


Coming down the places in Venice, it has museums, art galleries, monuments, etc. to make your trip memorable. Grand Canal is the center point of the whole city which is not to be missed at any cost.


Also, you don’t want to miss the grandeur of the architecture of the churches in Venice. While you travel the travel the streets of Venice, do not miss the Saint Mark’s Basilica which is one of the most famous churches of the city. It is the perfect example of Italo-Byzantine architecture.


Venice is full of pristine islands and the colorful streets with some of the best houses you will ever witness. You must head to outer islands of Burano and Murano. Beach lovers are in for a treat. Lido is one of the must visit place here to enjoy the perfect beach experience. Sea food is a specialty here. Gato Nero on Burano is a must try for fish lovers.


Food is one of the major things to have in Venice. It is always advisable to research a bit and visit the local restaurants instead of the high priced restaurants. The local cafes serve amazing food. Also, you get to learn the culture, people firsthand.

Thus, Venice is one of the most beautiful destinations to travel. With proper care and few things in mind, you can definitely plan a perfect trip to Venice.

Top 9 Places to Visit in Seville on Your First Visit

Explore a list of the top nine tourist attractions in Seville that you can include in your holiday planner to fully explore the city’s treasures.

If you are planning to visit the capital of Andalucia, Spain, you need to form your Seville trip planner accordingly. Many of the marvelous Spanish sights and monuments are here, in Seville. You won’t be able to enjoy the city’s famous attractions, unless until you plan your vacation properly. Like every other European city, Seville has its own share of attractions. It’s extremely utopian atmosphere and quixotic characteristics are the main reasons for becoming one of the most sought after travel destination in the world. Here are the top nine tourist attractions in Seville that you can include in your holiday planner to fully explore the city’s treasures.

Cathedral and La Giralda

Built on the site of an impressive Almohad Mosque, the Seville Cathedral is a gothic style structure. Being a UNESCO site and also the third largest church in the world, it is an example of extreme opulence and artistic excellence. You may count the Seville Cathedral and the adjacent Almohad minaret, Giralda, as the primary places to visit, in your Seville trip planner.

Alcazar Palace

The amazing palace of Reales Alcazares is the oldest royal palace in Europe, where the royal family still resides. As it is not a single palace, but a collection of palaces and requires time; so it’s best to depend on your vacation guide for better planning. It is only then that you’ll be able to determine the amount of time you may need for exploring the entire palace and surrounding areas.

Santa Cruz

The next best place to travel in Seville can be the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Cruz. The old Jewish quarters, the narrow cobbled streets, little bars with hams hanging, beautiful squares bordered with orange trees, are some of the excellent things to observe in this area.

Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol.jpg
The Metropol Parasol is the city’s main architectural icon as well as the world’s largest wooden structure. One of the best examples of modern art, this structure covers a large area, almost 150 meters by 70 meters.

Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

plaza-de-toros-de-la-maestranzaAmong your trips to different places of interests in the city, Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is for those who wish to witness the Spanish tradition of bullfighting. With 14000 seat capacity, the ancient bull-fighting arena is one of the most popular tourist attractions here.

Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana can be another priority in your Seville trip planner. Built in 1929 and located near the Santa Cruz neighborhood, it is undoubtedly Seville’s one of the top most attractions. This huge and amazingly open space, also known as the Square of Spain, is decorated with fountains, ceramic tiles, and bridges.

Casa de Pilatos

Being the best example of an Andalusian palace, Casa de Pilatos is an absolute delight to watch. It is also the official residence of the Dukes of Medinaceli. Situated near the Plaza de Pilatos, one can observe the mixture of Spanish and Renaissance Mudejar architecture here.

Torre del Oro

Just opposite the famous bullfighting ring Maestranza, stands this military watch tower, Torre del Oro. This Moorish tower, built during the 13th century, is one of the most loved landmarks in Seville. Now converted into a naval museum, it was built by the Arabs on the bank of Guadalquivir River.

Museo del Baile Flamenco

museo-del-baile-flamencoAccording to any ideal journey guide, without attending the world famous Flamenco shows, your Seville trip planner will remain incomplete. The nightly performance of the Flamenco art is of the highest quality. If you take pleasure in an interactive audio-visual display of art, you should not miss this at any cost.
After consulting with your Seville trip planner, the only thing that is left is visiting the city in real. Pack your bags and get ready to bask in the vitality of Spain’s fourth largest city, Seville.

Get Lost in Amazement with History and Natural Beauty of Catania

Explore the amazing destinations of Catania with our hand picked list. The city is known for its Baroque buildings and most famous Mt. Etna an active volcano.

Catania, an ancient port city and a hit on the Catania trip planner list is on Sicily’s east coast sits at the foot of Mt. Etna. The city is known for its Baroque buildings. Mt. Etna is an active volcano and has trails up to its summit. Before becoming a Roman colony the city had prospered as an agricultural land. You can take a day long trip to Mount Etna which is also designated as a National Park.

The city’s symbol is an elephant as it is said that in ancient times the pigmy elephant that lived there used to chase away the enemy and protect the inhabitants. The places a tourist with Catania trip planner will find interesting are full of historical facts and gives evidence of nature’s influence on the town.

Palazzo Biscari


The ornate windows and doors of the palace make it the city’s most flamboyant. The successors of the Prince Biscari still own and live in the palace making it more unique. But a part of the palace displays collections of extensive art forms. Some have even been donated to Museo Civico.

Monastero Dei Benedettini


This former monastery is one of the biggest in all of Europe. The continuation of the construction stretched for a long period and thus is evident through various incorporated style structures. The late Baroque features are lovely to look at. The Catania trip planner gives the information that monastery is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the home to the department of Humanities of the University of Catania.

Castello Ursino


The sturdy building of Castello Ursino is built of lava stone in the 13th century. The Hohenstaufen period defensive fortification shows close resemblance with the castle of Frederick II in Syracuse. The castle originally stood by the port until the lava flowed past it and pushed the coastline to the East.

Badia Sant’ Agata


The Sant’ Agata convent church was built between 1735 and 1767. The huge building structure is dominated by an octagon shaped domes and has superb facade in front of it. There is also an interesting nun’s gallery which a tourist can have a look at in a Catania trip planner suggested vacation.

Porta Garibaldi


The Porta Garibaldi Monumental gate was constructed in honor of King Ferdinand IV and his spouse Maria Carolina. The striking gate has dramatic horizontal layers of white limestone and black lava.

Teatro Romano


The original Teatro Romano was built in second century BC is interesting according to Catania trip planner. The interesting fact about this historical auditorium is that the steps are entirely made of lava but the orchestra and seating rows are covered in marble.

Museo Civico


The Museo Civico is the house to the historical collections and findings from the surrounding areas. Among these, the torso of a Roman emperor and Hellenistic relief of Polyphemus being blinded by Odysseus are very famous. Other mentionable items for buying in the trip are porcelains, fragments of mosaics, inscriptions and collection of rare weapons.

Piazza Del Duomo


Catania has a number of lovely squares, but the Piazza del Duomo is the most gracious and spacious. This cathedral square is situated in the center of the city and preserves the Baroque architecture of the 18th century. There is an elephant fountain around which the baroque styled cathedrals can be seen. The charming Fontana dell’Elephante or Elephant fountain is made of black lava and is supported by a small Egyptian obelisk.
The information provided by Catania trip planner says that Natural catastrophes have tried to ruin the town several times. In 1576 plague, in 1669 lava flow and in 1693 the great earthquake left the town to ruins. But the 18th-century reconstruction rejuvenated Catania with a rich legacy which is now the major attractions of the city.

Best Places to Visit in Siena in 2017

Check out a list of best places to visit in Siena which you should be experienced during a holiday trip to this enchanting city. Indulge in viewing the shell shaped structure of Piazza Del Campo and enjoying the horse race at El Palio.

Your Siena trip planner will include a unique experience of a perfectly preserved Middle Age city with all its charms. The city of Sienna in the Tuscany region has a special place on the tourist map of Italy. Considering all the diverse attractions the city has on offer, if you plan a vacation to Siena you may refer the following activities that must be experienced during a holiday trip to this enchanting city.

Marvel at the Piazza Del Campo


A visit to one of the most beautiful public squares in the world may be the foremost activity in your Siena travel itinerary. The shell-shaped square has the dimensions of an artistic masterpiece; all the buildings in the square were built keeping in mind the enhancement of overall architectural integrity. The main attraction includes the imposing and grand Public Palace which is also the administrative center of the city.

Climb Torre Del Mangia


This 88-meter tall tower is another imposing landmark in the impressive collection of buildings in Piazza Del Campo. Do include the climb to the top as an activity in your Siena trip planner. The view from the top will give you a grand view of the square. You will also see the beautiful city spread below you along with the surrounding hills. The time you spend at the top will offer many perfect moments to be captured in your camera for fond memories of this wonderful trip.

Be Awestruck at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta


Hailed as one of the best Gothic structures in Italy, the Cathedral is located beside the Piazza Del Campo. The black and white marble exterior and the interiors are equally stunning; masters like Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, Bernini, Pinturicchio and even young Michelangelo have contributed in its construction. You need a day of your Siena trip planner to properly appreciate all the masterpieces that adorn this church. The pulpit, the Chigi Chapel, the Piccolomini Chapel are some of the areas you will notice during your trip to this church.

Take a Walk along the Ancient Walls


The wall around the city, which was originally meant for defense, surrounds the city almost entirely. Include a walk along its sides in your Siena trip planner for a feel of the real city life. The walk will take about three hours with detours through alleyways and side roads. You will be richer after this trip with the first-hand experience of real Siena, away from the popular tourist destinations.

Be a Part of the ‘Palio’ Fervor


Though a bi-annual event, the preparations go on throughout the year for this world-famous extravaganza. If you are selecting to travel in the months of July or August in your Siena trip planner, be prepared for the ‘El Palio’. The crowds are packed and frantic; boarding and lodgings are filled to the brim. All the 17 ‘contradas’ (districts) take part in this horse race in which riders on bareback horses take three laps of the Piazza Del Campo. The build up to this race is equally fascinating; align yourself with one of the ‘contrades’ a few days before the race to feel the fervor by yourself.

Enjoy the Wine Exhibition at Entocea Italiana


The entire Tuscany countryside is famous for its wine production and vineyards. So, your holiday to this city will feel incomplete without a tasting of their most famous export. Include a visit in your Siena trip planner to the largest wine exhibition in Italy. Located inside the Fort Medici Fortress, the “Entocea Italiana” houses around 1600 bottles of distinctive wines of this region. An evening of wine-tasting will nicely round up your vacation to this enchanting city.
The sheer variety of enchanting experiences in the city of Siena will constitute a most fulfilling and memorable vacation of your life.

How to Spend 3 Days in London

Are you planning a short trip to London on your coming vacation and looking for a succinct London trip planner? here is full detailed 3 day london itinerary that solves your problem.

Are you planning a short trip to London on your coming vacation and looking for a succinct London trip planner? Isn’t it true when you first hear about London, a lot of things randomly pops up into your mind? Well, obviously you need to follow an effective journey guide to be able to visit the most of the attractions of London within this short time span. When you are short on time, but want to make this London trip a lifetime experience of yours, you can follow the below mentioned London trip planner to make your trip eventful as well as momentous.


1st Day in London


Start your first-day city tour with the world famous Big Ben, one of the world heritage sites under the UNESCO. Next, you can visit another impressive heritage site under UNESCO i.e. Houses of parliament. If you want to capture some picturesque sights of the Big Ben and the Houses of parliament, nothing can be a better than the Westminster Bridge. Next, take a 5 minutes’ walk to visit the Britain’s Prime Minister’s official home as well as office i.e. Nr. 10 Downing Street. Westminster Abbey, an example of the medieval architecture is just 5 minutes walking distance away from the presidential office. This building is a proof of sheer brilliant artwork and this church has a huge influence on the European History.


Is it even possible that you’re in London and not visiting the Queen’s palace? Well, Buckingham Palace should be on your list of must-visit places. Just beside the palace, a wonderful and lively park namely St. James’s Park is located. The refreshing scenic beauties of this park will definitely sooth your eyes. After this, you can boost up your energy by having lunch in some nearby restaurants like Two Chairmen, Inn The Park etc.
After having lunch, you can continue your London city tour by visiting the Cabinet War Rooms and The British Museum. Well, in the evening you can visit Harrods.

2nd Day in London


You can start your 2nd-day trip by visiting an immensely popular public attraction i.e. Trafalgar Square. When you’re at this square, you must pay a visit to the National Gallery. Apart from this, don’t forget to check-in to the Piccadilly Circus and The Oxford Circus. The shopping experience in the Oxford Street is one of a kind experience.
Before heading out to the next location, you can have your lunch and then take a trip to the famous monument, Marble Arch. The Hyde Park is located just next to this monument. If you’re on a vacation with your family and kids, you must visit the Imperial War Museum.


Well, you can end your 2nd-day trip by having a mesmerizing view of the immensely popular London Eye. The fascinating evening view of this monument is an unforgettable experience.

3rd Day in London


The world-famous dome St. Paul’s Cathedral is an example of intriguing artwork. This can be a good start of your 3rd day trip around London. Your next destinations should be the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.
The breathtaking beautiful view and the relaxing atmosphere of the Regent’s park can refresh your mind. You will definitely like this well organized and superbly maintained garden. Next, for the evening, take a walk of 15 minutes from the Regent Park and you’ll reach the world famous Madame Tussaud’s Museum.


Well, obviously without having a pithy as well as an efficient vacation guide you cannot successfully take a tour around all the public attractions of London within this short span of time. Hence, before heading out, make a list of the places you want to travel, prepare a concise yet eventful London travel itinerary to make your trip memorable.