Torino Sightseeing – Amazing Experience

Turin also pronounced as Torino is the most important city and major cultural and business center situated towards the northern part of Italy. The city is situated on the banks of River Po. The entire western part of the city is covered with the Alpine arches. According to the recent survey the estimated urban population comes to around 1.7 million whereas the entire metropolitan area of Turin as declared by the OECD is approximately million. Torino sightseeing is a wonderful experience. Turin is also noted as the cradle of liberty of Italy since it was the birth place of many noted politicians and to those important people who contributed towards the development of Turin. You may also enjoy your holiday through vacation planning from travel websites.

TorinoAmong the entire of Europe Turin is the most important political center. Turin was the first capital of Italy in the year 1861. It was also the home for House of Savoy – the Italian royal family. Torino is also best known as the home of Shroud of Turin and the famous football teams of Juventus and Torino. It is also the main headquarter of some of the famous automobile giants like Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. The city of Torino also hosted the Winter Olympics in the year 2006. It is also referred as the capital of Automobile in Italy. There are so many Places to see in Torino that one would feel that a vacation is too small to visit all the places.

House of Savoy
Most of the Torino places to visit were built by the House of Savoy – the royal rulers of Italy. Since the Alps are surrounded around Turin the climate is a cold climate and best for those tourists who love skiing. The Torino sightseeing is very exciting and one gets a chance to see the rich heritage of the city.

St. John’s Cathedral –

St. John’s Cathedral.jpgThis monument was built in the fifteenth century. The well-known Shroud of Turin is located in the Chapel of this cathedral. It is believed by the people here that the Shroud was brought by the royal family.

St. Lawrence Church – this is also called as the San Lorenzo church. It is situated in the downtown area of Torino. Besides this you have the twin baroque called the Santa Cristina and San Carlo churches.

Chiesa Della Gran Madre di Dio –

Chiesa della Santa Maria del Monte

In order to make your Torino sightseeing more meaningful and fun filled one should make it a point to visit this nineteenth century monument. This monument is believed to be built on the Holy Grail. Next to this you have the church built in the sixteenth century which is known as the Chiesa della Santa Maria del Monte or the church of St. Maria is never to be missed.

Food and drink – when you go for a vacation you definitely would want that you should have good food and for the foodies there is a good news; you can enjoy a plethora of dishes dished out from various parts of the world. The specialty here is the French cuisine.

Travelling to Torino can be an exciting experience and Torino sightseeing more brilliant if you get your travel arrangements done by Tornio trip planner.



How to Spend 3 Days in Berlin

A trip plan is very essential before going for a trip. It helps you travel without the fear of things going wrong and also you can perfectly cover the places you wish to see. If you planning a trip soon to relax and unwind from the routine, then Berlin is among the best places you can travel to.  Capital of Germany, Berlin dates back to 12th century. With rich history and culture, Berlin boasts some of the best old castles, grand architecture of the churches and museums which hold the art by some of the medieval geniuses. The city is especially known for its art scene and landmarks. While you cannot see all of it in a single trip, there are few places which are must visit on your custom vacation to Berlin.

Here is a perfect Berlin short vacation plan for you to make the most of it.

berlin-museum.jpgBerlin is city rich in history and culture. Start off your day by visiting the Brandenburg Gate which is famous 18th century neo classical monument in Berlin.  Witness the famous monument which happens to be one of the best known landmarks here. Once you are done seeing the Gate, head next to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe which is also known as Holocaust Memorial built in the memory of the people who were killed. Head next to the famous spot Checkpoint Charlie to witness the history of the cold war that happened back in times. Have lunch and head next to the famous Museum Islands which boasts 5 museums.  While you do not have to see all of them, the Altes Museum is a must visit to see the world class collection of Egyptian Art and paintings. Also, once you are done seeing the Altes head to Pergamonmuseum which has a great colletion of relics from Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt.

Holocaust Memorial

Source: Pixabay

Berlin is city rich in history and culture. Start off your day by visiting the Brandenburg Gate which is famous 18th century neo classical monument in Berlin.  Witness the famous monument which happens to be one of the best known landmarks here. Once you are done seeing the Gate, head next to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe which is also known as Holocaust Memorial built in the memory of the people who were killed. Head next to the famous spot Checkpoint Charlie to witness the history of the cold war that happened back in times. Have lunch and head next to the famous Museum Islands which boasts 5 museums.  While you do not have to see all of them, the Altes Museum is a must visit to see the world class collection of Egyptian Art and paintings. Also, once you are done seeing the Altes head to Pergamonmuseum which has a great colletion of relics from Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt.

Berlin Attractions Map-

Head to the Oranieburg Street in the evening, which is the most vibrant street here. Stroll down the streets and end your day by having dinner at nay restaurant.

Start off your next day by visiting the famous Reichstag. Take a lift to the top of the building to witness the splendid view of the city and learn about the history.  Head next to the West Berlin and visit the famous Berlin Zoo to see the different types of animals and birds. Have lunch and head next to Potsdamer Platz which is lavish street in Berlin with some of the best skyscraper and the shops to satisfy your shopping bud. Stroll down the streets to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the city and head next to the Tiergarten Park which is Berlin’s most popular inner city park. Spend your evening here in the Park and then head to Boxhanger Street for some delicious food and drinks if you wish.

Friedrichshain.jpgBerlin is famous for its Berlin Wall and its history during the whole world war. Thus, start off your final day by visiting the East Side Gallery, located in Friedrichshain which happens to be the best preserved section of the Berlin Wall. Take a guided tour here to know well about the history of the wall and the whole world war. Once you are done visiting this sections of wall, head next into the city to the Sony Center, which is one of the Berlin’s most fascinating buildings. You can shop, have your lunch here and watch a cinema if you want, all here in the same building.  Head to Prenzlauer Berg in the evening to spend few hours relaxing and finally ending your day by having dinner.

Thus, Berlin with its rich culture, heritage, architecture, modern marvels and amazing food is a perfect destination for a short journey plan. You may take help from Berlin trip planner for awesome experience.

Top Tips to Plan a Trip to Frankfurt

Everybody needs a vacation to get away from their routine once in a while. The most important thing you need to do is plan a trip and calculate your trip budget with trip calculator apps before your leave. It helps you travel efficiently and you save a lot at the same time which can be utilized later for other things and activities. If you are planning such a vacation to get away from your routine, Frankfurt is one of the best places to visit. Situated in the heart of Germany, Frankfurt offers rich history, culture and many more things to its tourists.


While you can’t see all of it in a single trip, there are few places which are a must visit. Also, there are few things which you need to know before planning a trip to Frankfurt.

Here is a perfect vacation guide to help you plan a memorable trip to Frankfurt.

The most important thing you need to see for is the best season to visit Frankfurt. It is during April to May and August to September, Frankfurt is at its best. It is therefore, always advisable to plan your trip in these to witness the green landscapes with perfect weather.


Frankfurt is the biggest and largest financial center with number of top banks and stock exchange centers making it one of the most important cities in Germany. Having said that, it is the logistical hub as you can go to any part of Europe from here. Frankfurt boasts air, rail and road transport which lets you travel all across Europe and within the city very easily. Thus, remember to take the local transport while you are here as it helps you explore the city and the culture easily. You can also go for the city walks which happen to be in some parts of the city.

Coming down to the places you can visit, Frankfurt has got it all to please the tourists. Right from the museums to the botanical gardens, everything you can find here has a rich history to it.


Starting off with the rich history and art Frankfurt has got to offer, do not forget to visit the famous Goethe’s house which is the birthplace of the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. You can witness some of his writings and also the antic walls and the house which was the residence of the writer. This is one of the must visit places in Frankfurt.


Frankfurt has number of art galleries and museums which boasts some of the oldest artworks and paintings. Stadel is among the best museums you will ever see in Frankfurt. The museum shows 700 years of art under single roof which makes the places a must visit on your trip to Frankfurt.


Also, Frankfurt has some of the best skyscrapers. The Main Tower is a must visit, which is 56-storey skyscraper in the Innenstadt district of Frankfurt. The site is a spectacle to witness at the night time when the whole city lightens up.


Frankfurt is a city full of festivals. There are number of different festivals held throughout the year. Thus, if you planning a trip soon, make sure you attend one of the festivals while you are there. Museums Riverbank Festival, Festival of Stoneware are some of the most popular ones that you ought to visit.


Nightlife in Frankfurt is also one of the things you should not miss on your trip. To make your evening truly memorable, head to Ostend district where you can find some of the best nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

To sum up, Frankfurt is among the best places you can ever visit. With its rich history and culture, Frankfurt offers perfect travel itinerary for any traveller. Taking good care and keeping a few things in mind, you can definitely plan a perfect trip to Frankfurt.

The Dream Honeymoon Resort for your Adventurous Spirit

You are exploring honeymoon resorts all over the world which will satiate the thirst of adventure in you and your partner with thrill and adventure. While the resort itself should be luxurious and comfortable, the surrounding areas should offer ample opportunities for adventure tourism and activities.You may also plan a honeymoon trip with the help of  route planner. Here is a pick of three of the unique honeymoon destinations 2017 wherein you will find the heady mixture of relaxation and daring physical activities providing ample adrenaline rushes.

Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, Costa Rica-

Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, Costa Rica.jpg
You love the rainforests and want to spend your romantic getaway exploring one of the most diversely populated jungles in the world? Well, the Drake Bay Wilderness Resort at Drake Bay in Costa Rica suits your choice perfectly. The resort is situated at Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, near Corcovado National Park which houses a mind-boggling 2.5 percent of the total animal species of the world. While hiking the trail from the resort to any of the observation points at the national park, you will be able to observe the various species of monkeys, scarlet macaws, harpy eagles, several snakes and even jaguars. If you desire a change of scenery, various famous and virgin beaches are awaiting your visit, where you can enjoy body surfing, kayaking and snorkeling. After hectic activities for the entire day, cool down and relax in the hammock in front of your honeymoon resort while enjoying the stunning sunset over the bay.

Central Ridge Boutique Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand-

You want to experience the ultimate adrenalin rush and feel the same way as birds do when they fly? Choose Central Ridge Boutique Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand as your honeymoon resort. Then you may reserve an all-day extremely adventurous tour which will include all or most of the activities like Bungee jumping, Jet Boat-riding, white water rafting and helicopter riding. You can make the bungee jump from 134 meters AJ Hackett Nevis Highwire for a bird-like flying experience. Ride a jet boat or paddle as fast as you can on the raft down the Shotover River and feel the adrenaline rush. Take a helicopter ride to the starting point of your river rafting route in the depths of Skippers’ Canyon, while delighting in the breathtakingly beautiful sceneries along the way. Your holiday to Central Ridge Boutique Hotel in New Zealand has the promise to be the best honeymoon package all-inclusive with its thrilling and adventurous vivacity.

Casa Cartagena Boutique Hotel and Spa, Cusco, Peru-

If you are looking for a honeymoon resort steeped in cultural history and uniqueness, Casa Cartagena Boutique Hotel and Spa in Cusco city at Peru will be an ideal selection. The property itself is quite beautiful and sparsely crowded, with limited suites for accommodation. Enjoy a day of rest and luxury upon arrival and get yourself acclimatized. You may then plan a day-long hike to the Sacred Valley region and the towns of Pisac (lunch halt), through Ollantaytambo and finally halt for the evening at Urubamba. This town is the best place for honeymoon couples, with its sweepingly grand views of the Valley and the distant snow-capped Andes Ranges. You will find all of these towns inundated with the remains of the historical Incan civilization and get a first-hand feel of the traditional Andean people and culture. You will be traveling to the world-famous historical site of the Machu Picchu ruins of the Incan Civilization early next day. Enjoy and marvel at the magical Lost City, and have a feel of the Incan way of life. This trip will be high-point of your most romantic vacation all-inclusive with nature, culture and adventures.

All the above honeymoon resorts will provide you with a relaxing and comfortable resting environment while you experience the thrills of a lifetime.

Top 9 Places to Visit in Seville on Your First Visit

If you are planning to visit the capital of Andalucia, Spain, you need to form your Seville trip planner accordingly. Many of the marvelous Spanish sights and monuments are here, in Seville. You won’t be able to enjoy the city’s famous attractions, unless until you plan your vacation properly. Like every other European city, Seville has its own share of attractions. It’s extremely utopian atmosphere and quixotic characteristics are the main reasons for becoming one of the most sought after travel destination in the world. Here are the top nine tourist attractions in Seville that you can include in your holiday planner to fully explore the city’s treasures.

Cathedral and La Giralda

Built on the site of an impressive Almohad Mosque, the Seville Cathedral is a gothic style structure. Being a UNESCO site and also the third largest church in the world, it is an example of extreme opulence and artistic excellence. You may count the Seville Cathedral and the adjacent Almohad minaret, Giralda, as the primary places to visit, in your Seville trip planner.

Alcazar Palace

The amazing palace of Reales Alcazares is the oldest royal palace in Europe, where the royal family still resides. As it is not a single palace, but a collection of palaces and requires time; so it’s best to depend on your vacation guide for better planning. It is only then that you’ll be able to determine the amount of time you may need for exploring the entire palace and surrounding areas.

Santa Cruz

The next best place to travel in Seville can be the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Cruz. The old Jewish quarters, the narrow cobbled streets, little bars with hams hanging, beautiful squares bordered with orange trees, are some of the excellent things to observe in this area.

Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol.jpg
The Metropol Parasol is the city’s main architectural icon as well as the world’s largest wooden structure. One of the best examples of modern art, this structure covers a large area, almost 150 meters by 70 meters.

Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

plaza-de-toros-de-la-maestranzaAmong your trips to different places of interests in the city, Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza is for those who wish to witness the Spanish tradition of bullfighting. With 14000 seat capacity, the ancient bull-fighting arena is one of the most popular tourist attractions here.

Plaza de Espana

Plaza de Espana can be another priority in your Seville trip planner. Built in 1929 and located near the Santa Cruz neighborhood, it is undoubtedly Seville’s one of the top most attractions. This huge and amazingly open space, also known as the Square of Spain, is decorated with fountains, ceramic tiles, and bridges.

Casa de Pilatos

Being the best example of an Andalusian palace, Casa de Pilatos is an absolute delight to watch. It is also the official residence of the Dukes of Medinaceli. Situated near the Plaza de Pilatos, one can observe the mixture of Spanish and Renaissance Mudejar architecture here.

Torre del Oro

Just opposite the famous bullfighting ring Maestranza, stands this military watch tower, Torre del Oro. This Moorish tower, built during the 13th century, is one of the most loved landmarks in Seville. Now converted into a naval museum, it was built by the Arabs on the bank of Guadalquivir River.

Museo del Baile Flamenco

museo-del-baile-flamencoAccording to any ideal journey guide, without attending the world famous Flamenco shows, your Seville trip planner will remain incomplete. The nightly performance of the Flamenco art is of the highest quality. If you take pleasure in an interactive audio-visual display of art, you should not miss this at any cost.
After consulting with your Seville trip planner, the only thing that is left is visiting the city in real. Pack your bags and get ready to bask in the vitality of Spain’s fourth largest city, Seville.

Best Places to Visit in Siena in 2017

Your Siena trip planner will include a unique experience of a perfectly preserved Middle Age city with all its charms. The city of Sienna in the Tuscany region has a special place on the tourist map of Italy. Considering all the diverse attractions the city has on offer, if you plan a vacation to Siena you may refer the following activities that must be experienced during a holiday trip to this enchanting city.

Marvel at the Piazza Del Campo


A visit to one of the most beautiful public squares in the world may be the foremost activity in your Siena travel itinerary. The shell-shaped square has the dimensions of an artistic masterpiece; all the buildings in the square were built keeping in mind the enhancement of overall architectural integrity. The main attraction includes the imposing and grand Public Palace which is also the administrative center of the city.

Climb Torre Del Mangia


This 88-meter tall tower is another imposing landmark in the impressive collection of buildings in Piazza Del Campo. Do include the climb to the top as an activity in your Siena trip planner. The view from the top will give you a grand view of the square. You will also see the beautiful city spread below you along with the surrounding hills. The time you spend at the top will offer many perfect moments to be captured in your camera for fond memories of this wonderful trip.

Be Awestruck at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta


Hailed as one of the best Gothic structures in Italy, the Cathedral is located beside the Piazza Del Campo. The black and white marble exterior and the interiors are equally stunning; masters like Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, Bernini, Pinturicchio and even young Michelangelo have contributed in its construction. You need a day of your Siena trip planner to properly appreciate all the masterpieces that adorn this church. The pulpit, the Chigi Chapel, the Piccolomini Chapel are some of the areas you will notice during your trip to this church.

Take a Walk along the Ancient Walls


The wall around the city, which was originally meant for defense, surrounds the city almost entirely. Include a walk along its sides in your Siena trip planner for a feel of the real city life. The walk will take about three hours with detours through alleyways and side roads. You will be richer after this trip with the first-hand experience of real Siena, away from the popular tourist destinations.

Be a Part of the ‘Palio’ Fervor


Though a bi-annual event, the preparations go on throughout the year for this world-famous extravaganza. If you are selecting to travel in the months of July or August in your Siena trip planner, be prepared for the ‘El Palio’. The crowds are packed and frantic; boarding and lodgings are filled to the brim. All the 17 ‘contradas’ (districts) take part in this horse race in which riders on bareback horses take three laps of the Piazza Del Campo. The build up to this race is equally fascinating; align yourself with one of the ‘contrades’ a few days before the race to feel the fervor by yourself.

Enjoy the Wine Exhibition at Entocea Italiana


The entire Tuscany countryside is famous for its wine production and vineyards. So, your holiday to this city will feel incomplete without a tasting of their most famous export. Include a visit in your Siena trip planner to the largest wine exhibition in Italy. Located inside the Fort Medici Fortress, the “Entocea Italiana” houses around 1600 bottles of distinctive wines of this region. An evening of wine-tasting will nicely round up your vacation to this enchanting city.
The sheer variety of enchanting experiences in the city of Siena will constitute a most fulfilling and memorable vacation of your life.

Best Things to do in Benidorm in 2017

Benidorm is a beautiful coastal town which is situated in the province of Alicante in Spain. Benidorm was a small village before the year of 1960. The town has developed since more than a decade and at present it is known for its beaches, tall skyscrapers and also the hotel industry. This is the result of the tourist oriented economy of the country. When the census was taken in the year 2010 the population of this town was around 71,000. In Spain in the Alicante province it ranks in the fifth position in terms of population. Most of the high rise buildings are located in Benidorm. The Benidorm tourism has thrived because after 1960 the country has focused more on the tourism and hence even the major amount of revenues is also generated from tourism.


When you visit the city of Benidorm you shall be surprised to know that the entire city is surrounded by the mountains and hence you experience a mild climate. You can enjoy both sunshine and cool atmosphere. You can visit Benidorm anytime during the year. The city is the most famous tourist destinations for tourists coming from across the world. I got a chance to visit Benidorm. The first thing I decided to do was to take a proper Benidorm travel planner so that I do not miss any important places in the city and take full advantage of my vacation.

I got the entire details of Benidorm tourist information from the government offices here in Benidorm. The officials here are so friendly and provide every bit of important information to the tourists. Thus I did not find any problem in enjoying my vacation at Benidorm.

Here are some best and most convincing reasons to visit Benidorm:

1. Beaches of Benidorm


The city of Benidorm has developed so much over the past decades. The strongest and the best assets of this city are its beaches. I had the chance to see such ecstatic beaches first time. These beaches stretch for more than three miles. I noticed an amazing thing in Benidorm both the famous beaches – Lavante and Poniente – known as sunrise and sunset respectively in Spanish language are the cleanest beaches. Unlike other beaches they are neat and clean and this is an amazing fact which I saw in Benidorm and an important aspect of Benidorm.

2. Casco Antiguo


This is the old town and not to be missed during your Benidorm tourism. When I explored the old town I could find all the streets are buzzing with different shops and restaurants. The locals call this place the walking street. If you want to buy clothes then this is the right place for you.

3. Terra Mica


This is one of the largest theme park situated in Benidorm. This forms an integral part of Benidorm. This is one of the largest in the world and it is a roller coaster theme park. There are more than 30 rides and the entire theme park is divided into 5 areas namely – Egypt, Greece, Iberia, Rome and the Islands.

17 Best Places for Solo Woman Traveler

There’s no other thrill than packing your bags and heading towards a mysterious island or a beautiful beach all by yourself. If solo travel is what triggers the best in you, you’re one hardcore travel junkie and that you should be making coolest trip plans year by year. While there are a couple of risks involved, but there are always options and safety tips for women available right out there. So here we go, these top 17 places will let you fill up your wander lust with all that you ever wished for. What’s more? They’re super safe, convenient and comfortable for every solo woman traveler.
1. Nainital – This small town is believed to be a paradise on earth. Situated right in the tranquility of Uttarakhand, India, Nainital has been capturing tourist’s attraction since decades. Visit the China peak, Bhimtal, Tiffin Top, Naukuchiyatal , Saattal, Corbett national park and the famous Nanda Devi temple.


Beautiful Valleys of Udaipur

2. Mysore – One of the gems of southern India and the cultural hub of Karnataka is also known to be the safest and coolest place for an alone lady traveler. You could check out the great Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, Rangacharlu, Rail Museum, Jubilee Clock and many more things.


Mysore Palace of Mysore

3. Shimla– Hill stations, by default are safe. The reason being most of the times it’s crowded by tourists and other locals.Things to do in Shimla – Visit the Viceregal Lodge, Town hall, Jakhu temple, Gaiety museum, Himalayan bird park and kufri.


Shimla a queen of hill stations

4. Khajuraho – Counted as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO, the temples in Khajuraho are a complete visual treat to your eyes. Khajuraho is also known as the safest spot to spend a quiet weekend. What all you can explore here – Lakshmana Temple, Kandariya Mahadev, Old village Lakshmi temple and a few more.


Khajuraho Temple of Khajuraho

5. Udaipur – Rajasthan is mainly known for the most generous people and you’re likely to get any help wherever you go. Udaipur is the extravagant city that has lavish royal ancient Palaces every tourist would get attracted to.


Udaipur Palace of Udaipur

6. Kaziranga, Assam – If you’ve ever been to Assa, you will know the beauty of this place. The national parks and elephant sanctuaries are worth visiting here.


Kaziranga National Park of Kaziranga

7. Varanasi – The holy city and the famous pilgrimage is no doubt one of the safest option for women as well as the elderly people to travel alone. Manikarnika ghat, Ramnagar fort are a few attractions here.


Varanasi a spiritual capital of India

8. Puducherry – The union territory has a lot of unique places to visit. Amidst the serenity and peaceful atmosphere you can enjoy your best vacation time here.


Golden Globe of Pondicherry

9. Sikkim– North east has some of the stunning views you’d die for. The high mountains, low valleys, and lovely Buddhist monasteries capture your attention.


Sikkim a home of glaciers

10. Ladakh – Well, it does sound a bit of sturdy adventurous spot but there’s nothing like it if you’re a true sport. Leh palace, Pangong lake, Zanskar valley, Hemis national park are some places to check out. If you’re going through a trip planner make sure he includes these locations in your holiday package.


Pangong Tso Lake of Ladakh

11. Munnar, Kerala– Munnar is hugely famous for its tea plantations and breathtaking views of lovely landscapes. The variety of resorts around, let you try out exciting activities.


Munnar a seasonal trekking destination

12. Hampi – If you’re a person who loves pre-historic ancient era monuments, temples and sculptures Hampi is the place for you. It is also one of the world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.


Hampi a palace of  temples, monuments & sculptures

13. Rishikesh – The place is often crowded with large number of tourists almost every time. Activities like white water rafting, rappelling and fox flying are the famous amongst all.


Laxman Jhula across river Ganga in Rishikesh

14. Sarnath – Bodh Gaya, Sarnath is the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon. Apart from the temples, artistic museums are the ones you must not miss out on.

Sarnath Temple

Sarnath a palace where Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment

15. Gulmarg – This tiny sweet town up in Northern India is one fairytale land. The cozy home stay options and local hotels make a perfect arrangement for your stay. Sit back and relax your vacation amidst nature’s beauty.


Skiing at Gulmarg

16. Coorg – The picture of typical green landscaped southern India means Coorg. All you need to do is switch off your gadgets and electronics while indulging in the most beautiful, clam and serene beaches and resorts here.


Coorg a palace of waterfalls

17. Goa– Last but not the least, this party place has almost become a second home to most of us. Beaches, resorts, churches and lots of sea food. Enough to make a traveler’s fun packed vacation!


Goa a palace famous for beaches and its nightlife

Plan a trip to these amazing destinations either alone or with your girls gang now.

3 Days in Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to a vacation in Kuala Lumpur, people usually run out of innovative ideas. The only thing that keeps popping up in mind is the ‘social scene’ and the ‘cuisines’ of the city. Is it the only facts to look forward in this Malaysian city? Of course not! The city has lot more to offer than you can expect.  However, the sad part of the story is most of the heritage sites of the city are heard to be going down because of the extension of new MRT line. Especially the old part of Kuala Lumpur will be affected. Hence, before this myth
turns into a reality, planning a Kuala Lumpur 3 day itinerary should be your goal for the next vacation.

Now, the obvious question that comes up is what should be your mode of transportation when you are there? People usually look for public transportation as it is the easiest and inexpensive option to look forward. How about considering walking tour around the city? For your convenience, here’s a snippet as to how you should plan your trip. Take a look into it!

Once you reach the city, start your day with a healthy breakfast and the best way to do that is from Jalan Alor. Walk down the streets and you are going to come across numerous
street cafes and roadside eateries serving some of the authentic cuisines of Malaysia. In order to grab a cheap bite, Jalan Alor is a heaven for you. Start with Kopi O (Black sweetene coffee) or Kopi Ais (Iced Coffee) to rejuvenate your day. Order for a plate of stir-fried noodles and a platter full of fried fishcakes and you will be full till afternoon

After you are done with the breakfast, start walking towards Menara KL Tower. With 421 meter height, the tower is said to be the 6th telecommunication tower in the world. The glass floor of the tower let you enjoy an aerial view of the entire city, right under your
feet. In order to begin your trip around Kuala Lumpur, the observation deck of this tower is an ideal point as you can see all the attractions from this view point. Once you are done with this tower, move on to Petronas Towers; the pride of Kuala Lumpur that glorifies its skyline. These massive stainless steel giants with a sleek design and a sky bridge connecting the tower have become the icons of Kuala Lumpur. Walk across the bridge to view the city from the top. The walk is definitely a breathtaking experience which hardly can be ignored.


Image Title: Petronas Tower

By now, you will be tired enough to walk anymore. So, your next destination should be for food. Pick any of the restaurants located near these towers. The zigzagged lanes around the towers will take you to both expensive as well as inexpensive hotels and eateries. Choose any one of them to fill up your appetite. Try cuisines that gives you the flavor of Malay spices as well as Chinese ingredients.

As the next day start, how about beginning your day with visiting religious places? Come and see the oldest Chinese temple of Kuala Lampur, named Sze Ya Temple. Every nook and corner of the temple has history hidden within in. Explore the history and the highlight of the temple, the set of pewter ware. From this temple, you can move on to Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple of Kuala Lampur. If you are keen in seeing Hindu religious rituals and their style of worshipping, going to this temple will be a worth visit.


If you have strong foot and don’t mind walking for long hours, head off to The Bird Park (or KL Bird Park). Housing nearly 3000 birds belonging to nearly 200 species, it is one of the worth places to visit if you want to learn about these feathered species. The Park also has a lake, Orchids and Hibiscus Garden where you can stroll or spent few self hours. Visiting all these places will cover almost half of your day tour itinerary plan for Kuala Lampur.

The next destination that you should consider now is Chinatown. Situated almost near the Bird Park, it is a heaven for shopaholics. The region is popular for getting the best product in the most inexpensive price tag. If you are an expert in bargaining price, Chinatown will be a total game for you. After from shopping outlets, the place is popular for vibrant nightlife. For foodies, Chinatown is the ‘ultimate’ destination. From dumplings to proper dining options, Chinatown has everything in its platter to offer. Else you can go to Chow Kit Wet Market, also known as Bazaa BaruChowkand; the largest wet market of Malaysia. From clothing to fresh foods and vegetable, the market has everything for you to buy.

The list doesn’t end here, there are lot many things to do  in Kuala Lumpur. However, you might not be able to cover every attraction only by walking. In that case, ask the locals as to what else are there those can be explored by foot. Once you are done with it, enjoy your 3 day tour to Kuala Lumpur in the best way.

25 Unusual Tourist Attractions in London

As the famous quote from Vivienne Westwood goes, “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere”; London is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations in the world to visit. There are many tourist attractions in London that have been topping the bucket list of travelers for years. But here’s a twist, scroll down to discover some of the quirkiest things to do in London which you have never heard of before!
  1. The Rolling bridge: 
    Also known as curling bridge, it curls up to allow the passage to the boats at the Paddington Basin and otherwise operates as a pedestrian bridge.

The Rolling Bridge

  1. St. Martin in the Fields Weird Window:
The work of an Iranian artist and former Turner prize nominee- Shirazeh Houshiary, the stained glass effect looks like the glass’s reflection in water.

St. Martin in the Fields Weird Window

  1. 10 Downing Street:
A Prime Minister’s home with around 100 rooms and a front door with no door knob! Also One of the most guarded buildings in Britain.

10 Downing Street

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  1. The Samuel Johnson’s Cat:
The statue of Hodge- pet cat of famous English writer and literary critic Dr. Johnson; the cat also features in the famous book “Life of Johnson” by the writer.

The Samuel Johnson’s Cat

  1. The Brixton Windmill:
Pioneering new music, this is in fact a venue for a pub with live music. It is named after the neighbouring and last surviving windmill of the London area.

The Brixton Windmill

  1. The Neal’s Yard Water Clock:
To check out this water clock, you have to look up, but the periodic water splashing and the ringing bells are captivating!

The Neal’s Yard Water Clock

  1. Sir John Soane’s Telephone:
The tomb of the famous neo-classical architect, this generated the shape of the re telephone boxes in London.

Sir John Soane’s Telephone

  1. Wilton’s Music Hall:
A multi-art performance space and one of the very few surviving music halls retaining its features just like they were in 18th century

Wilton’s Music Hall

  1. The London Noses or Seven Noses of Soho:
Attached to the prominent buildings like National Gallery and Tate Britain, these plaster of Paris reproductions resembling an artist’s nose popping out in a bizarre way are a mockery to the CCTV cameras installed everywhere in London.

The London Noses or Seven Noses of Soho

  1. The Hidden Ears Of Covent Garden:
The cast noses of artist Tim Fishlock, two of them can be found on the Floral Street in convent garden, others need a little hunt!

The Hidden Ears of Covent Garden

  1. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry:
The birth place of the world famous Liberty Bell!

The Whitechapell Bell Foundry

  1. The Water Pump of Broadwick Street:
The public water-pump causing the outbreak of cholera in 1984 which was then disabled by physicist Dr. John Snow

The Water Pump of Broadwick Street

  1. Britain’s Smallest Police Station:
Dating back to 1920, this tiny cell can hold two prisoners and apparently acted like a CCTV back then where a police officer could observe the busy Trafalgar square.

Britain’s Smallest Police Station

  1. The Famous 18 Moles:
A mysterious large jar crammed full of whole preserved moles in the Grant Museum. A must-visit attraction in London for sure!

The Famous 18 Moles

  1. The Kyoto Garden:
Recreation of Japan in London, a winter retreat and a landscaped garden,

The Kyoto Garden

  1. Camley Street Natural Park’s:
A Verdant treat in the urban area, two acres of woodland, water and wild meadow, concealed in the urban heart of King’s Cross


Camley Street Natural Park’s

  1. Pelicans that have been living in St James’s Park for nearly 350 years:
First introduced in 1644 as a birthday gift to King Charles II from the Russian Ambassador, these pretty birds have been calling James Park a home for last 350 years.

Pelicans in St Jame’s Park

  1. St Dunstan in the East Church Gardens:
Beauty from the ashes- a scenic garden set up by re-modifying bombed ruins of a medieval church.

St. Dunstan in East Church Gardens

  1. Aldwych Tube Station:
Located in the city of Westminster, this is a closed station in central London. The entrance board says Piccadilly RLY strand station!

Aldwych Tube Station

  1. The Hidden Space Invaders:
Installed by a French guy who calls himself an Invader, these 8 bit images are not just in London but also in Hong Kong and Paris. Only few of them are found; rest are still unrevealed!

The Hidden Space Invaders

  1. The Mandela Way T-34 Tank:
A decommissioned Soviet T-34 battle tank preserved on the corner of Mandela Way and Pages Walk in Bermondsey, London

The Mandela Way T-34 Tank

  1. The Fake Bridge at Kenwood House:
 Made out of fencing panels that are painted in white colour, you cannot cross the bridge when it comes to it- because it is fake and just an illusion.

The Fake Bridge at Kenwood House

  1. The Faulty Lions Of Trafalgar Square:
Masterpieces of Sir Edwin Landseer- the lions have paws of cats since the model dead lion which was the inspiration to the artist, decomposed while he made the art piece.

The Faulty Lions of Trafalgar Square

  1. The Little Pet Cemetery :
A Victorian cemetery in Hyde park with over 300 tombs where pets of the locals and regulars are resting in peace.

The Little Pet Cemetery

  1. The Literary Graves at Bunhill Fields, EC1:
The burial place of Isaac Watts, William Blake, John Bunyan, George Fox and Daniel Defoe, these literary graves were specially allotted to the non-conformists. There is also a monument dedicated to Thomas Hardy.

The Literary Graves at Bunhill Fields, EC1

So, packing bags, are we? Travel to London and explore these off-beat attractions, have an experience like never before!
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