Best Recreational Activities in Bangkok

Best Recreational Activities in Bangkok: Fed up from your day to day life. Regenerate a spark in your life with these amazing recreational activities of bangakok


The large and frenzied city, packed with sky scrapers and exciting things to do, Bangkok stands to be the capital of Thailand. The city is exciting and effervescent and holds nearly 12 million inhabitants. This marks to be my first appearance to Bangkok, and I’m happy to share a few of my experiences of adventurous travel. I was able to get around Bangkok by a mixture of services such as sky train, taxis, river boats and lots more. My visit to Bangkok was extraordinary and unforgettable due to the rocking nightlife, tremendous shopping, lavish food and golden history. I suggest travelers to visit Bangkok during Christmas as the weather is excellent and best time to travel.

Exciting Recreational Activities in Bangkok

Kick boxing – is a worldwide famed sport activity for its excitement and thrill of the game. The Lumphini and Rajadamneon stadium hostskick boxing and tourists can get to watch the match by sitting near the ring. I also had a chance to watch the dressing room and watch the players warm up too.

Ice skating – the 7th floor of the Siam discovery shopping center is a place where you can chill out from the blazing heat of Bangkok. You can rent any size ok skates, socks and gloves for an exciting skate for hours. Apart from skating there are number of activities to do in Bangkok.

Safari Park – the most memorable and exciting place I enjoyed was the safari world which has two parks, the safari and the Marine park. I was able to grasp a realistic view of Asian and African wildlife creatures. The marine park hosts marine features which were pleasing to see.

Boat trips – They are exhilarating and fascinating ways to get around the city for tourist. I had an opportunity to hold view of the sacred temples and teak houses as the boats rowed by. Boats can be hired with the aid of travel agents too. Never forget to experience this trip from the list of Bangkok activities.

Horse riding – you can hire a horse and learn polo game with the numerous clubs located in and around Bangkok. Though recreational activities in Bangkok may be plentiful horse riding is the most important and interesting one most travelers favor.

Siam Park city – is the most electrifying and remarkable place I enjoyed.  Siam Park is one of the most favored places for kids to enjoy with thrilled experience. There are numerous rides, games and water excitements for entertainment and fun. This stands to be an extraordinary place which never should be missed out by tourists.

Vintage club golf course – with gorgeous green grounds, and coconut palms bordered Vintage club is the best place for golfers for an exciting game. The club house has facilities for other games such as swimming pool, squash court, snooker room, tennis court and more.

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