17 Best Places for Solo Woman Traveler

Check out our hand picked list of best places for solo women travel in India. These places are super safe, more convenient and comfortable for every solo woman travel. Plan Now a Trip & Enjoy Alot!!


There’s no other thrill than packing your bags and heading towards a mysterious island or a beautiful beach all by yourself. If solo travel is what triggers the best in you, you’re one hardcore travel junkie and that you should be making coolest trip plans year by year. While there are a couple of risks involved, but there are always options and safety tips for women available right out there. So here we go, these top 17 places will let you fill up your wander lust with all that you ever wished for. What’s more? They’re super safe, convenient and comfortable for every solo woman traveler.
1. Nainital – This small town is believed to be a paradise on earth. Situated right in the tranquility of Uttarakhand, India, Nainital has been capturing tourist’s attraction since decades. Visit the China peak, Bhimtal, Tiffin Top, Naukuchiyatal , Saattal, Corbett national park and the famous Nanda Devi temple.

Beautiful Valleys of Udaipur

2. Mysore – One of the gems of southern India and the cultural hub of Karnataka is also known to be the safest and coolest place for an alone lady traveler. You could check out the great Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, Rangacharlu, Rail Museum, Jubilee Clock and many more things.

Mysore Palace of Mysore

3. Shimla– Hill stations, by default are safe. The reason being most of the times it’s crowded by tourists and other locals.Things to do in Shimla – Visit the Viceregal Lodge, Town hall, Jakhu temple, Gaiety museum, Himalayan bird park and kufri.

Shimla a queen of hill stations

4. Khajuraho – Counted as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO, the temples in Khajuraho are a complete visual treat to your eyes. Khajuraho is also known as the safest spot to spend a quiet weekend. What all you can explore here – Lakshmana Temple, Kandariya Mahadev, Old village Lakshmi temple and a few more.

Khajuraho Temple of Khajuraho

5. Udaipur – Rajasthan is mainly known for the most generous people and you’re likely to get any help wherever you go. Udaipur is the extravagant city that has lavish royal ancient Palaces every tourist would get attracted to.

Udaipur Palace of Udaipur

6. Kaziranga, Assam – If you’ve ever been to Assa, you will know the beauty of this place. The national parks and elephant sanctuaries are worth visiting here.

Kaziranga National Park of Kaziranga

7. Varanasi – The holy city and the famous pilgrimage is no doubt one of the safest option for women as well as the elderly people to travel alone. Manikarnika ghat, Ramnagar fort are a few attractions here.

Varanasi a spiritual capital of India

8. Puducherry – The union territory has a lot of unique places to visit. Amidst the serenity and peaceful atmosphere you can enjoy your best vacation time here.

Golden Globe of Pondicherry

9. Sikkim– North east has some of the stunning views you’d die for. The high mountains, low valleys, and lovely Buddhist monasteries capture your attention.

Sikkim a home of glaciers

10. Ladakh – Well, it does sound a bit of sturdy adventurous spot but there’s nothing like it if you’re a true sport. Leh palace, Pangong lake, Zanskar valley, Hemis national park are some places to check out. If you’re going through a trip planner make sure he includes these locations in your holiday package.

Pangong Tso Lake of Ladakh

11. Munnar, Kerala– Munnar is hugely famous for its tea plantations and breathtaking views of lovely landscapes. The variety of resorts around, let you try out exciting activities.

Munnar a seasonal trekking destination

12. Hampi – If you’re a person who loves pre-historic ancient era monuments, temples and sculptures Hampi is the place for you. It is also one of the world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.

Hampi a palace of  temples, monuments & sculptures

13. Rishikesh – The place is often crowded with large number of tourists almost every time. Activities like white water rafting, rappelling and fox flying are the famous amongst all.

Laxman Jhula across river Ganga in Rishikesh

14. Sarnath – Bodh Gaya, Sarnath is the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon. Apart from the temples, artistic museums are the ones you must not miss out on.

Sarnath Temple
Sarnath a palace where Buddha gave his first sermon after enlightenment

15. Gulmarg – This tiny sweet town up in Northern India is one fairytale land. The cozy home stay options and local hotels make a perfect arrangement for your stay. Sit back and relax your vacation amidst nature’s beauty.

Skiing at Gulmarg

16. Coorg – The picture of typical green landscaped southern India means Coorg. All you need to do is switch off your gadgets and electronics while indulging in the most beautiful, clam and serene beaches and resorts here.

Coorg a palace of waterfalls

17. Goa– Last but not the least, this party place has almost become a second home to most of us. Beaches, resorts, churches and lots of sea food. Enough to make a traveler’s fun packed vacation!

Goa a palace famous for beaches and its nightlife

Plan a trip to these amazing destinations either alone or with your girls gang now.

Think Twice Before You Ride This Terrifying Glass ‘Skyslide’

Are you an adventure loving person? So must try this terrifying glass skyslide once in your life. Dam sure it is more thrilling and terrifying ride.

Last month, Los Angeles debuted the Skyslide, a terrifying-looking attraction in which visitors ride a glass slide perched 1,000 feet high on the edge of a skyscraper.

Sounds epic, right? But as it turns out, you might want to think twice before riding.

Glass Skyslide in Los Angeles 

A recent lawsuit claims the slide does not allow riders to slow down enough as they reach the end, a factor that caused one woman to break her ankle after her foot got stuck in a gap created by the slide’s landing pads, the Associated Press reports. The claim is under review.

On a separate note, many visitors say the slide doesn’t quite live up to its daredevil hype. They report the slide is short and small, with a few mats at the end for cushion. It’s a surprisingly quick thrill considering the hefty $33 entrance fee, which also gets you access to the building’s observation decks.

“Meh. Slide was ok,” one rider wrote on Instagram. “The view was better [than] the slide but still a fun experience.”

Think you’d like to ride? Take a look, and decide for yourself:

Source: Think Twice Before You Ride This Terrifying Glass ‘Skyslide’

Watch This Amazing 3D Bioprinter Make Artificial Bones From Scratch

Amazing 3D Bioprinter: Watch this amazing 3D Bioprinter that make Artificial bones from scratch. The printer works with a wide range of materials organic, non-organic and both.

If 3D printing is already impacting manufacturing today, what breakthroughs could bioprinting — or printing any mix of organic and inorganic materials — achieve tomorrow? In a recent video, a basic prototype of the Aether 1 bioprinter is shown printing two bones connected by a tendon using six materials that include synthetic bone, conductive ink, stem cells and graphene oxide.

According to Aether, the printer works with a wide range of materials — organic, non-organic and both — and is flexible about where those materials come from (instead of requiring anything proprietary). It can include 10 different materials in one print (way more than your average bioprinter) and is compatible with other tools like laser cutters and CNC routers. The printer’s universal tool mounts can even be used with pencils and paintbrushes—or whatever else — for making designs on canvas or other materials. Read More on  Amazing 3D Bioprinter