Solo Female Travel Mexico City

Solo Female Travel Mexico City: Mexico is a great place for females who love to explore the World alone. Back Pack Your bags & Explore It!


Summer is back again, thinking of great vacation to enjoy and to explore the innate regions of the world? Then it is high time to plan for some exotic locations for a perfect holiday. But wait! Your partner may not actually be ready for a vacation as yet. Perhaps you have to travel all by yourself to satisfy your aesthetic needs. But no worries, we are here to guide you through and help you create a perfect vacation that you would cherish all through your life. The focus of this article is to explain Mexico City travel by single women travelers.

Mexico is located in North America at the north of United States of America and has extensive coastlines to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Now we get an idea why Mexico City has been the favorite location for most English Women, who will not want to enjoy sun baths and natural waves on the city’s coasts? Also the city has a pleasant weather all through the year and would not affect the skin and homeostatic balance of females. For, they are the most beauty conscious sex, and would have absolutely no skin hazards while roaming through the streets in Mexico. The food here is exotic and is tummy friendly and has places of archaeological significance, making the perfect spots for elegant photography, something women would love to fill their personal closets with.

Baja Peninsula


Mexico has been ranked the 7th best destination for Foreigners to enjoy their vacations, and its beach resorts are one among its best attractions, It is recorded that most single women travelers to Mexico from America throng around the Baja Peninsula, Mexico one of the best and modernized beach resorts, while European ladies congregate near resorts at the southern part of Mexico and colonial towns like Guanajuato, San Cristobal etc.

The first challenge faced by single women travelers to Mexico City is the safety, though the threat is safe as that of the threat for a women travelling along anywhere else in the world. the party- hearty atmosphere prevalent in the city and women should be beware of taking drinks in parties and social events as there are chances for mixing narcotic stuff to the drink. It’s better not to be careless and blame Mexico later on.

There are ample things to do in Mexico City and both men and women are treated equal here, but still few traditional ideologies dominate here and women need to follow few points in mind to enjoy the best holiday in Mexico. It is better to dress conservatively like the locals here to avoid undesired attention as a foreigner and travel to places during the day. Never expose yourself as an unknown person, by looking through maps and guidebooks on the streets. Choose to stay in a decent hotel, and learn few phrases in the local language.

For dedicated services on the best accommodation, local travel guidance and eminent vacation services to Mexico City, visit before planning the trip.

Best Recreational Activities in Bangkok

Best Recreational Activities in Bangkok: Fed up from your day to day life. Regenerate a spark in your life with these amazing recreational activities of bangakok

The large and frenzied city, packed with sky scrapers and exciting things to do, Bangkok stands to be the capital of Thailand. The city is exciting and effervescent and holds nearly 12 million inhabitants. This marks to be my first appearance to Bangkok, and I’m happy to share a few of my experiences of adventurous travel. I was able to get around Bangkok by a mixture of services such as sky train, taxis, river boats and lots more. My visit to Bangkok was extraordinary and unforgettable due to the rocking nightlife, tremendous shopping, lavish food and golden history. I suggest travelers to visit Bangkok during Christmas as the weather is excellent and best time to travel.

Exciting Recreational Activities in Bangkok

Kick boxing – is a worldwide famed sport activity for its excitement and thrill of the game. The Lumphini and Rajadamneon stadium hostskick boxing and tourists can get to watch the match by sitting near the ring. I also had a chance to watch the dressing room and watch the players warm up too.

Ice skating – the 7th floor of the Siam discovery shopping center is a place where you can chill out from the blazing heat of Bangkok. You can rent any size ok skates, socks and gloves for an exciting skate for hours. Apart from skating there are number of activities to do in Bangkok.

Safari Park – the most memorable and exciting place I enjoyed was the safari world which has two parks, the safari and the Marine park. I was able to grasp a realistic view of Asian and African wildlife creatures. The marine park hosts marine features which were pleasing to see.

Boat trips – They are exhilarating and fascinating ways to get around the city for tourist. I had an opportunity to hold view of the sacred temples and teak houses as the boats rowed by. Boats can be hired with the aid of travel agents too. Never forget to experience this trip from the list of Bangkok activities.

Horse riding – you can hire a horse and learn polo game with the numerous clubs located in and around Bangkok. Though recreational activities in Bangkok may be plentiful horse riding is the most important and interesting one most travelers favor.

Siam Park city – is the most electrifying and remarkable place I enjoyed.  Siam Park is one of the most favored places for kids to enjoy with thrilled experience. There are numerous rides, games and water excitements for entertainment and fun. This stands to be an extraordinary place which never should be missed out by tourists.

Vintage club golf course – with gorgeous green grounds, and coconut palms bordered Vintage club is the best place for golfers for an exciting game. The club house has facilities for other games such as swimming pool, squash court, snooker room, tennis court and more.

For more detailed information regarding Bangkok tourism, shopping, nightlife, recreational activities in Bangkok, hotels, accommodation, sightseeing, Bangkok activities and lots more Bangkok city travel guide who made my trip a successful one will help you.

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Good places to see in South Africa?

Planning a trip to South Africa. Please suggest some good places to see in South Africa.

Please can you suggest me good places to see in South Africa ? also add some travel tips for safety purpose

I know about Sugarloaf Mountain , i have visited it…

Best Things to do in Shanghai

Wondering what are the best things to do in Shanghai? Check out our hand picked list of amazing activities to do in Shanghai that fills fun and enjoyment in your life.

If you are planning visiting any city of China but not able to select which city should be selected for spending holiday trip then here is the solution. You should make a trip to Shanghai where you can have a lot of fun by taking part in different Shanghai activities. Tourists who visit this city are not only amazed by major attractions, modern metropolis, & gateway to developing country but also amazed by unique traditional and modern cultural Shanghai activities.


When I was in Shanghai with my friends during my holiday trip I enjoyed a lot. There are numbers of recreational events in Shanghai by which one can have a lot of fun. This city is full of enjoy and its vibrant life attract me to visit this city again and definitely I will not miss a chance of visiting this city if I will get a chance of visiting city ever in my life.

When you should visit Shanghai: Generally, weather conditionsmoist and mild, pleasant warm spring, hot summers with heavy rain, cool autumn, cold winters. Hottest months in this city are considered during July and August. You should visit this city during March to many months to not face any problem and enjoy the trip with good climate conditions.

Some most popular Recreational activities in shanghai:

Shopping:Shopping in this city offers abundance of high quality stores, trendy Bouquets and designer outlets. Shopping offers numbers of opportunity to people buying number of good clothes or other items. You can enjoy shopping and experience the excellent way of shopping here.


Rock Climbing:You can also enjoy rock climbing here. In this city, artificial rock climbing indoor offer opportunities to those people who love climbing. This indoor activity is also god for those who are very new to rock climbing.


Golf:You can find in this city some of best world class golf clubs where you can enjoy playing golf in fresh mornings. International Golf course Shanghai is famous all around the world and it has 54 – hole golf courses. You can enjoy the view of this golf course and can also enjoy by seeing golf activities.

Bowling:It is one of most popular activities of Shanghai people to pass time in good way. You can found numbers of bowling centres all over the city and can enjoy a lot. You can find these in major complexes, hotels and in entertainment centres.


These are some activities to do in Shanghai and many others are there about which you can get information from major search engines or from JoGuru Travel guide website. JoGuru website will provide you all the information about city, things to do in city, climate conditions, events and festivals which are celebrated in city and all about the city.

Exciting Things to Do in Lisbon

Explore some exciting things to do in Lisbon. Indulge yourself in watching crazy football matches, exciting motor races and playing with different species of animal in famous Lisbon zoo.

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. Being as one of the largest cities of the Portugal. It is also considered as one of the populous cities of the world. The Lisbon is very popular among the tourists. The main reason behind this is the recreational activities in Lisbon.The place offers a wide range of Lisbon activities to explore for the tourists from the different parts of the world.

Best time to go to Lisbon

The best time considered to visit Lisbon is in the months of September and October or you can also visit Lisbon in the months of March to May.

If you are really planning to visit Lisbon, then it is essential that you should have the complete knowledge of theactivities to do in Lisbon. Therefore, I have listed some of the important activities which you should not miss on your tour to Lisbon.

  1. Football

It is one of the most popular Lisbon activities. The Portuguese hardly have interest in any other game except football and having produced some of the finest players of football it is an obsession at Lisbon. Therefore, I decided to try this sport and moved in to the Football stadiums in this place and if you are the individual who is crazy about football then this is an ideal place for you.


 2. Outdoor things to enjoy in Lisbon

The biggest sport passion in the Lisbon is Football. However, apart from the football people here are also interested in motor racing. There are a number of tracks available in Lisbon. I also participated in the local competitions as a audience, which are held in Lisbon for the motor racing. However, it is also essential that you should be cautious enough in this aspect since this activity can also lead to serious injuries.



3. Lisbon Zoo

The Lisbon zoo is  major attraction of the tourists from different parts of the world. Here you can easily find different species of animals in their natural habitats. This zoo is also the home of some of the endangered species of animals.Dolphin Show is very popular in Lisbon Zoo.It is a kind of place in Lisbon which will be enjoyable for parents as well as children.


4. Lisbon GPS-guided tour

Besides these recreational activities in Lisbon, I also visited the newest as well as the most exciting activities in the city such as Lisbon GPS-guided tour around Lisbon on a little three wheeler convertible. This was also a memorable experience.


When you are planning your trip to Lisbon it is also very beneficial to browse on TripHobo website. The main reason behind this is that this website contains all the information which you will need in order to plan your trip to Lisbon properly.

Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Explore some of the best places to visit in Amsterdam one should not miss. Most of the Amsterdam attractions are both entertaining and are of education point of view.

Amsterdam is one of the capital of Europe and has a lots of tourist attraction for its visitors. The most famous Amsterdam places to visit are the Canals of Amsterdam, and tourist flock the city all through the year, to enjoy its innate beauty. The city is unique and authentic despite its fixed and moving population. Let us explore some of the best Amsterdam sightseeing options and places one should not miss to visit in this article. You can plan a trip with itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Best of Amsterdam tourist attractions:

1.Amsterdam canal ring-The city old focus is shaped from waterway rings, which give the visitors the feeling of space, opportunity and peace. Another route to investigate the Venice of the North is to take a ride on a cycle. Nevertheless, there is ample delight in this city, a standout amongst the most excellent on the planet.


2. Het Scheepvaart MuseumAfter its redesign The Maritime Museum is a charming place to visit, particularly with kids. The colorful and pleasant gallery helps people to grasp the history of the Netherlands, a minor country which was hundreds of year’s prior one of the planet’s most stupendous ocean powers.


3. Rijksmuseum-The Rijksmuseum is the biggest historical center in the Netherlands and is one of the best Amsterdam places to visit, with more than a million guests every year. The Rijksmuseum is right now in a delayed redesign; however a modest part of it remains open. Its presentation called The Masterpieces shows the most acclaimed bits of Dutch craftsmanship from the century, known as the Golden Age of the Netherlands.



4.Van Gogh Museum-The museum has almost 200 painted creations and 550 representations demonstrating Van Gogh. This is the most amazing gallery on the planet gathering the works of Van Gogh.


5. Begijnhof-This is a narrow passage way that leads into a quiet and beautiful garden mixed with old houses located at the center of the town. This frames an important part of Amsterdam sightseeing and is the oldest house here.


6. Oude KerkThis is a gigantic old protestant church with small houses sticking to its sides. It remains as a smooth paradise at the heart of the frantic Red Light District. Its edifices, particularly the Gothic-renaissance style octagonal ringer tower and were utilized by mariners to get their orientation.


 7.Amsterdam Brown Cafe-This is the ideal place for enjoying a cup of coffee or a sip of wine after a tedious day at work. It offers a friendly atmosphere with a unique experience to relax and watch the locals.


8. Magere Brug-It is a double leaf Dutch bridge that connects the side of the river Amstel. The bridge opens every twenty minutes and the bridge master lets the boats through them, this is a spectacular vision and one best place to see in Amsterdam.


9.Exhibits and shows:

A large number of people visit the city for its attractions to educate and entertain. There are many exhibitions organised to enlighten people on specific proponents.