7 Perfect Steps to Plan a Trip to Paris

The city of love is one of the most coveted destinations in the world. The city is simply lovely and has all kinds of experiences to offer. While you plan a trip to Paris, you need to ensure that is a perfect bag of mix and match experiences, just like this city is. Here is all you need to know while planning a trip to the city of love:

1.Pick the perfect trip planner
While there are various options available, it is crucial to zero in on the most useful travel website because the trip planner is going to be extremely beneficial to you in terms of giving information, planning the perfect itinerary, bringing up the experiences of people who regularly visit and also for a lot more!


2. Know what time to visit?
When you plan a trip to Paris, it is important to plan it around a time which is most feasible. Each month has something special to offer to you in terms of deals, so you most definitely can decide which is the most important factor- budget, weather or the tourist crowds. Accordingly, you can decide when to plan your trip:

Weather wise: The weather during June is simply perfect or ‘parfait’ as the French like to refer to it. This goes up till August and the beauty of the weather just keeps getting better and better during this time.

Tourist Crowds: If you are the kind of person who believes that ‘birds of the same feather, flock together’, then July- August is definitely the perfect time for you to visit. All the attractions are filled with people and the vibe during this time is simply awesome. If you hate the tourist crowd, then April-June and September-November is the time for you to visit this amazing city definitely.


Off-season time: April- June and Sept- Nov is the time where you will also get great tourist deals.

3. Know where to stay!
There are plenty of options to stay in Paris. You will get options in budget, mid-range as well as luxury. Here are some options that you can consider in each category:

1) Hotel Ibis Budget
2) Libertel Gare Du Nord Suede
3) Art Hotel Congress
4) Hotel Tolbiac
5) Alfa Hotel Nation

– Mid-range
1) Dauphine Saint Germain
2) Hotel Britannique
3) Les Tournelles
4) Hotel Le Notre Dame
5) Ibis styles Paris

1) Mandarin Oriental
2) Park Hyatt- Paris
3) Shangri-La, Paris
4) Le Bristol
5) Paris Marriott

4. Figure out how to get there and also get around.
Charles Des Gaulle is one of the most major airports in the world and is connected by various flights across the world. When you plan a trip, make sure you visit good trip planners to see the right costs of the flights. Getting around Paris is fairly easy, with metro, buses and cabs connecting the entire city.

Charles Des Gaulle.jpg

5. Decide where to eat
You have to experience the heavenly feeling of consuming banana-nutella crepe along with hot wine. You also need to try out the different flavors of macaroons and visit the following restaurants to enjoy the quintessential Parisian cuisine:

  • Cafe Constant
  • L’Initial
  • Le Cinq
  • Restaurant Kei
  • La Bonne Excuse

6. Pick out your attractions sensibly
You only need to know which kind of attraction you want to visit and Paris will present it to you. There are so many attractions that should definitely feature in your Paris trip planner are:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Notre Dame De Paris
  • Champs- Elysees
  • Le Marais
  • Centre Georges Pompidou
  • Sacre Coeur- Paris
  • Arc De Triomphe
  • Jardin Du Luxembourg
  • Pantheon
  • Grand Palais

7. Remember these travel tips!
There are some important points to remember while visiting Paris:

  • Do not carry too much cash in crowded places as Paris is known for mugging.
  • Avoid the subways in late evenings as they are not very crowded.
  • Keep your money distributed.
  • Do remember to tip.
  • Take passes to save on the travel.

Plan The Ultimate Singapore Road Trip

Plan The Ultimate Singapore Road Trip with these essential tips

Are you up for the best adventure ever? Set out on the ultimate road trip, from India to Singapore. Travel website brings you the easiest way to help plan a trip online for your next sojourn.

Singapore Road.jpg

First and foremost, here are the Ten Commandments of planning a road trip that you must always keep in mind.

  • Take a map (preferably the large paper ones to fuel up the adventurer spirit) and circle out a few key stops along your way.
  • Remember, the best part of a road trip is not the destination, but the journey.
  • Decide how much to travel each day, keeping in mind the prerequisites and conditions of the places you will be passing through.
  • It will be way more exciting if you break the trip up into smaller daily goals
  • Don’t over plan as it might mar the “Call of the unknown”
  • Interact with the small town people on your way to gather insights about local sightseeing spots
  • Ensure that most of your group are good drivers and also let others drive even if there’s a main driver.
  • Embrace everything that nature offers your way, astonishing or kitschy.
  • Know that it might get dreary at times; a break at the nearest tourist spot is a must then.
  • Do not assume all will go well, be prepared to face challenges.

India to Singapore road trip has been made a dream come true for adventure lovers only a year ago. All credits to the Indian Government’s Act East policy which resulted in the opening of trilateral India-Myanmar-Thailand Asian Highway that leads you straight up to Mae Sot in Thailand. From Thailand, another 28 exciting hours on road brings you to Singapore.


Approximate travel time is estimated around 20-24 days spanning a distance of roughly 5000 kilometres.

The best time for this trip is November to February. So make sure you plan a trip online beforehand from a genuine travel website like ours.

Here are the MUST Required Documents you should take.

  1. Valid passport and Visa
  2. Special Permits
  3. Vehicle Papers
  4. International Driving License
  5. Currency in USD for use in Myanmar and Thailand
  6. Visa or MasterCard debit card
  7. Spare parts of Car
  8. First Aid Kit
  9. Essential medicines
  10. Ample supply of dry food in case you don’t find an eatery on a lonesome road


A few challenges that must be taken care of beforehand are listed here:

  • Carnet- To exit and re-enter India you need a Carnet which is a document resembling your passport for which you have to pay 200% of your vehicle’s value as refundable security deposit to Automobile Association of India. Carnet is accepted in Thailand.
  • Since Carnet is not accepted in Myanmar, you have to apply for Temporary Import of vehicles.
  • Also, Myanmar doesn’t accept IDP, so take a temporary driving license for that country.


Now, the primary notable spots on your road trip to Singapore which you have now planned via travel website, must include the following few

  • The amazing sunset at the city of Guhawati
  • Float amidst the clouds of Shillong
  • Explore the enchanting beauty of Bagan, the historic city that welcomes you to Myanmar.
  • The mesmerizing roads through Mandalay
  • The exquisite pagodas of Naypyidaw
  • Yangon which holds importance with respect to Sepoy Mutiny
  • Bangkok in Thailand, a place that needs no introduction
  • Next stop, Singapore.

Plan a trip online to Singapore by road as soon as possible and reach out to us to share your amazing experience.