What to Do in London for 5 Days

London- the royal city, the dream destination of every avid traveler! They say that a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else and hence, however hard you try to plan the perfect London Trip, you can never get enough of this majestic capital. Here are few tips on what to do in London for 5 days:
london collage

1. Visit the historical monuments:

London has outstandingly beautiful and well-maintained monuments that go way back in the history. Be it the legendary Big Ben or the stunning Westminster Abbey, the monuments of London never fail to awe the visitors. Kensington palace, Buckingham palace, St. James Palace are some of the monuments worth being to. Also, the London eye, Tower of London and the tower bridge are unmissable!

2. Go shopping:

London is a shopper’s paradise and one of the finest places in the world to shop for the latest fashion labels that rock the international fashion scene. Go on a shopping spree on the oxford street which has over 300 shops, designer outlets and landmark stores or the Regent street and Jermyn street if you are a budget shopper- London has treats for everyone!

3. Get a taste of adventure:

London may appear as a classy, prim city and people with an adrenaline rush may be under the impression that there’s nothing in store for them. London righteously proves them wrong with its Rollerblading in Battersea Park or Kayaking in West Reservoir center. Also, the Richmond Park offers great set of activities right from horse-riding to fishing- so don’t forget to pack your sports shoes on your London trip!

4. Treat yourself with the gastronomic delights:

The English man loves his tea and he’ll make you love it too! The backstreet cafes serve a Rack of English breakfast loaded with bacons, egg and sausages as cheap as 5 euros under 5 euros all day long, the tons of Chinese restaurants serve buffets at modest prices and if you are looking for a romantic dinner at a fancy place, London spoils you with choices.

5. Click pictures, take selfies and flaunt your vacation:

Piccadilly Circus with the huge statue of Eros standing proudly in its center is one of the most photographed places in the world and you shouldn’t be missing the opportunity to click a picture here on your London vacation. Click selfies with the landmarks, record your experience of the ‘Change of Guards’ and take home a pocket-full-of photographs!

6. Plan a picnic at the Parks:

London has some lovely parks where you can pack your picnic basket, throw in some Frisbees and board games, grab your favorite book and go for a pleasant day-out with family. Be it Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Holland Park or the St. James Park, you are all set to have a gala time!

Plan your 5 day London itinerary with this tips and you will surely say ‘ London is always a good idea!



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