7 Perfect Steps to Plan a Trip to Paris

The city of love is one of the most coveted destinations in the world. The city is simply lovely and has all kinds of experiences to offer. While you plan a trip to Paris, you need to ensure that is a perfect bag of mix and match experiences, just like this city is. Here is all you need to know while planning a trip to the city of love:

1.Pick the perfect trip planner
While there are various options available, it is crucial to zero in on the most useful travel website because the trip planner is going to be extremely beneficial to you in terms of giving information, planning the perfect itinerary, bringing up the experiences of people who regularly visit and also for a lot more!


2. Know what time to visit?
When you plan a trip to Paris, it is important to plan it around a time which is most feasible. Each month has something special to offer to you in terms of deals, so you most definitely can decide which is the most important factor- budget, weather or the tourist crowds. Accordingly, you can decide when to plan your trip:

Weather wise: The weather during June is simply perfect or ‘parfait’ as the French like to refer to it. This goes up till August and the beauty of the weather just keeps getting better and better during this time.

Tourist Crowds: If you are the kind of person who believes that ‘birds of the same feather, flock together’, then July- August is definitely the perfect time for you to visit. All the attractions are filled with people and the vibe during this time is simply awesome. If you hate the tourist crowd, then April-June and September-November is the time for you to visit this amazing city definitely.


Off-season time: April- June and Sept- Nov is the time where you will also get great tourist deals.

3. Know where to stay!
There are plenty of options to stay in Paris. You will get options in budget, mid-range as well as luxury. Here are some options that you can consider in each category:

1) Hotel Ibis Budget
2) Libertel Gare Du Nord Suede
3) Art Hotel Congress
4) Hotel Tolbiac
5) Alfa Hotel Nation

– Mid-range
1) Dauphine Saint Germain
2) Hotel Britannique
3) Les Tournelles
4) Hotel Le Notre Dame
5) Ibis styles Paris

1) Mandarin Oriental
2) Park Hyatt- Paris
3) Shangri-La, Paris
4) Le Bristol
5) Paris Marriott

4. Figure out how to get there and also get around.
Charles Des Gaulle is one of the most major airports in the world and is connected by various flights across the world. When you plan a trip, make sure you visit good trip planners to see the right costs of the flights. Getting around Paris is fairly easy, with metro, buses and cabs connecting the entire city.

Charles Des Gaulle.jpg

5. Decide where to eat
You have to experience the heavenly feeling of consuming banana-nutella crepe along with hot wine. You also need to try out the different flavors of macaroons and visit the following restaurants to enjoy the quintessential Parisian cuisine:

  • Cafe Constant
  • L’Initial
  • Le Cinq
  • Restaurant Kei
  • La Bonne Excuse

6. Pick out your attractions sensibly
You only need to know which kind of attraction you want to visit and Paris will present it to you. There are so many attractions that should definitely feature in your Paris trip planner are:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Notre Dame De Paris
  • Champs- Elysees
  • Le Marais
  • Centre Georges Pompidou
  • Sacre Coeur- Paris
  • Arc De Triomphe
  • Jardin Du Luxembourg
  • Pantheon
  • Grand Palais

7. Remember these travel tips!
There are some important points to remember while visiting Paris:

  • Do not carry too much cash in crowded places as Paris is known for mugging.
  • Avoid the subways in late evenings as they are not very crowded.
  • Keep your money distributed.
  • Do remember to tip.
  • Take passes to save on the travel.

Top 6 Things to do in London in Summer

Top 6 Things to do in London During Summer: From games to summer safari, open air events to open dining places London has everything on its palate for every age group.

Bundled up with unique experiences, London is always ready to welcome visitors in a new way with an open arm, especially in the month of summer. Usually the city is drenched with an unalarmed downpour for most part of the year; the summer, on the other hand brings a pleasant change. The sunlight brightens up the face of the city and brings a ‘sepia-tinted’ glow on its iced landscapes. As the temperature rises up, the city has many activities and things to do in summer for individuals belonging to every age group. Starting from games and summer safari to open air events and dining places, London has everything on its palate. Check out some ideas to make your summer vacation in London different.

1] How about summer sports –

How about warming up your body with some games? Sounds interesting, right? Lots of smaller parks like Greenwich Park have courts where you can enjoy a game of tennis. Else head on to a horse riding course in Richmond Park or Hyde Park! Don’t worry if you are a novice, there are different management levels to help you out.
Swimming is another option to consider. In this pleasant summer, take a dip into the cool waters of Hampstead Heath ponds and swim as long as you wish.
Greenwich Park
Horse Riding in Richmond Park

2] Visit Buckingham Palace –

Visit London in summer and it lets you take a glimpse into the lifestyle of the royal family living inside the Buckingham Palace. The palace serves as both residence and office of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. Take a tour into the 19 rooms of the royal palace that display royal collections of paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto.  If you are lucky, you might see the Changing the Guard or Guard Mounting ceremony.
Buckingham Palace
 3] Go for lazy brunches –
Nothing goes better with London summer than a perfect lazy brunch. Explore different flavors and it will also save time in deciding upon separate eateries for breakfast and lunch. Lots of rooftop bars like Rooftop Romance and a beer garden like The Albion in N1 are all set to fill up your appetite. If budget is your concern, there are Farmer’s markets, sprouting all over the city in summer. Pick freshly baked buns or breads, English cheese and colorful fruits and your picnic basket is ready. Nothing can be as mesmerizing as enjoying picnic in any of the small parks of London like Hyde Park or Greenwich Park. Make sure you apply sunscreen and carry a picnic blanket to spread over the lush green grass to sit upon.
Else, attend the Taste of London festival, held in Regent’s Park in summer. The festival takes place for five days in summer and turns the entire park into a ‘foodie wonderland’.  Nearly 40 best restaurants around London come up and showcase some of their exclusive cuisines. This year, they are planning to bring flavors from all around the world. This festival is said to be one of the important things to do in London for foodies. So, what you are waiting for?

4] Enjoy outdoor performances –              

In summer, especially in June, London has a huge list of outdoor events and things to do.  As the sun sets down and turns the sky into a golden color, the whole city gets decked up for outdoor entertainment like an open air theatre, street performance and open air film shows. Regent’s Park open air theatre, Covent Garden and Rooftop film club are places to look forward to for the events.
Else try something different like Hot Tub Cinema. Just put on your bikini and get into the hot tub. You can either go solo or with friends. The waiters will be there to serve you.
Regent’s Park

5] Enjoy the nightlife –

A trip to London is absolutely incomplete unless you get the flavor of their night life. With lots of pubs and clubs spread all over the city, you have different kind of options to enjoy the night life of London. and if it is summer, you cannot miss out events like the live jazz performance of Pavilion Café in
Greenwich Park and Summer Series at Somerset House.
Apart from this, the Hyde Park has become a common platform for many stars from all around the globe to perform in front of nearly thousand people in the event named British Summer Time Hyde Park. It is a one-day music festival. According to the ‘hush hush’ news going around, stars like Taylor Swift, Beck and Paul Weller might perform this year. So, grab the tickets before it’s too late.
Hyde Park London

6] London street shopping –

Leaving London without shopping is a serious crime (not legally of course!). Being the second heaven in the world of fashion, London has some of the best streets for shopping. Right from clothing to antiques, foods and drinks, the city has every option open for you. So, when you are jotting down your list of ‘things to do’ in London in this summer, add the names of the streets like Borough Market, Portbello Road Market, Camden Market, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden.
Borough Market London
So, what you are waiting for? In this summer, visit this beautiful city that goes beyond any convention!

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