Enchanting Castles in Japan for a Mesmerizing Experience

Thinking of travelling to the most beautiful and mesmerizing castles in the world? Visit these enchanting castles in Japan for an awe inspiring experience


As soon as we think of stunning castles, we think of Europe! But, did you know that even Japan boasts of some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring castles that are kept like hidden treasures. A look at them is a study in art, architecture and culture of Japan that will leave you struck with wonder and amazement. These castles were actually built as fortresses during 16th century to guard significant sites against frequent attacks by warlords. Made of wood and stone, these structures still look magnificent and offer a journey into the ravishing past of cities and towns in which they are incorporated. Take a look at some of the best castles in Japan to visit for an enchanting experience.

1. Himeji Castle – the most famous castle in Japan

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Located on the hilltop of Himeji in Hyōgo Prefecture, the Himeji castle is perhaps the best known and visited castle of Japan. Flanked by lush emerald green nature, this castle looks resplendent and elegant in white. The castle is a world heritage site that looks spectacular and enchanting especially when the cherry blossoms bloom. Originally built in 1346, this castle was built for a strategic defence along the western approach to the former capital city of Kyoto. There are atleast eighty buildings spread across multiple baileys connected through a series of gates and winding paths. Destroyed during world war and earthquakes, this castle retains the historical aura with its restored structure today.

Best time to Visit: March to October

Timings: Summers: 9:00am to 6:00pm, Winters: 9:00am to 5:00pm

2. Matsumoto Castle – a reminder of the feudal past

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Matsumoto castle is one of the best castles to visit in Japan owing to its historicity and architecture that spellbinds all. Quite conspicuously, this castle is built on plains rather than hill, which is characteristic of most of the other castles in Japan. It is also distinctive for having both a secondary donjon and a turret adjoined to its main keep. Steep wooden stairs, openings to drop stones onto invaders, openings for archers, as well as an observation deck at the top, make it an engaging visit for the tourists. Visit it during the spring season when the cherry blossoms bloom and offer a picturesque view against its black wooden structure. This castle also suffered a threat of demolition during the Meiji Restoration, when feudal castles were considered obsolete and irrelevant, but with the help of influential locals, it was saved and preserved well.

Best time to Visit: April to September

Timings: 8:30am to 5:00pm daily

3. Osaka Castle – A Fine Japanese Castle

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Politically and historically, Osaka Castle is one of the most important structures that played a significant part in the process of unification of Japan, under Hideoyoshi Toyotomi. Perched high, this castle looks ravishing with its gleaming stone structure. Originally built in 1583, this castle was destroyed by Tokugawa troops in 1615 and later on by lightening in 1665. Miraculously, this castle survived the frequent air-raids of WWII and looks royal even till today. A visit to this castle is a must for your travel plans to Japan next time.

Best time to Visit: November to February

Timings: 9:00am to 5:00pm daily

Explore Osaka with Osaka Itinerary 2 Days

4. Matsue Castle – the legendary castle of Japan

image source: commons.wikimedia

One of the few remaining original castles in Japan, Matsu Castle is also called as the “black castle” due to its darkly-coloured, austere exterior. Built in 1611, this castle was given its shape by Matsudaira clan who were the relatives of the ruling Tokugawa. Although it was built with the purpose of defending against battle, this castle actually never saw one. Today, there is a museum inside that displays period arms and artefacts. In order to extend your stay here and to make it even more alluring, you can take a river boat cruise around the castle moat for a royal experience.

Best time to Visit: April to September

Timings: April to September: 8:30am to 6:30pm, October to March: 8:30am to 5:00pm

5. Odawara Castle – one of the most popular castles near Tokyo

image source: commons.wikimedia

After falling into the hands of the Hojo Clan, the most powerful clans during the Warring States Era in the mid-15th century, the Odawara castle started to be used as a base for controlling the region around Tokyo. However, the castle soon saw the shift of power as Toyotomi Hideyoshi defeated the Hojo Clan and reunited Japan. As you have a look at this castle, you will see three stories on the outside but actually there are four stories on the inside. There are regular interactive exhibitions to make the visitors more well informed about the history of this castle and its role in the history of Japan. A list of things to do in Tokyo can never be a complete one without a visit to Odawara castle.

Best time to Visit: February and March

Timings: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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10 Top things to do in Koh Samui Thailand

Explore the top 10 things to do in Koh Samui. From
temples to historical monuments, beaches to night outs everything is covered in this blog.

Here is a list of 10 top things to do in Koh Samui Thailand:-

Ko Samui travel guide offers the best scope for underwater games and nightlife for a perfect vacation:
Ko Samui is a spectacular and a small village located on the Andaman water where clear water and coral reefs compliment the rich animal and plant life. There is scope for the best top notch resorts and intense party scene that any Ko Samui tourist information would cover, and there are plenty of things to do in Koh Samui that we can done in its small towns and under water forests.

Top Things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore: Are you Planning a trip to Singapore? Check out the list of top things to do in Singapore. Have Fun & Enjoy the Singapore Trip.

Explore the list of  top things to do in Singapore:

Plan A Singapore  Trip In This Vacation

Singapore is a multi-ethnic metropolis-with the Chinese musical show, Feng Shui in addition to chopsticks existing contiguously close by saris and Hindu temples. A mixture of societies, Singapore is Asia’s wealthiest, for the most part amazing and small country. You can get list of top things to do in Singapore for kids and family bothSingapore SkylineSingapore Skyline

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7 Reasons Why Bali is an Overrated Honeymoon Destination

7 Reasons Why Bali is an Overrated Honeymoon Destination: Bali Pristine beaches and luxury honeymoon resorts makes it an ideal choice for your honeymoon.

Ever spent a holiday wondering where is all that you heard about the place? Where’s that extra piece of adventure that should complete your fun filled trip? Was it that you dreamt of something else while reality gave you an unappealing surprise? Or were you so badly
misled? Don’t put yourself through a feeling like that on your honeymoon. Surprisingly, the one place you can reconsider on the list would be Bali. Yes you read that right. You thought Bali was in synonymous with Paradise, didn’t you?

Although it is true that Bali tops the world tourist map as a romantic destination with its pristine beaches and luxurious honeymoon resorts, unfortunately, that’s all the island has to offer. If you think harder, may be Bali itinerary has something more to it? Of course, it indeed has a population of four million people sharing the space on the little island. While most people look up to Bali as an ideal spot to vent out romance, let us look at reasons why the island is actually overrated for the same reason.

To name a few reasons why Bali is overrated, Population, commonness, privacy, expensiveness, lack of variety, noise and excessive crowd are 7 things that would top the list.

When on a honeymoon, the prime most factor that makes it special and different is the privacy. An ideal honeymoon for most of us is when you and your spouse spend quality time together with an illusion that you’ll are the only two in existence. Now that is something you can hardly expect from Bali. Even if you put aside the inevitable population in your honeymoon space, you definitely cannot overlook the 10,000 people who are already on the island to enjoy their honeymoon just like you. To top it all the island is also pretty noisy which may get irritating on a romantic get away.


Most visited tourist place in Bali, Indonesia.

Of course the island is full of beaches and restaurants, but hello, is this the only place where you find beaches and restaurants? What makes it even worse is that you’re not really signing up for something new or different on your honeymoon. Due to the island’s
popularity most people are probably exploring the same parts of Bali as you are and doing the same thing you have planned.

Having said that, the island can be looked at in a positive way as well. If you visit Bali with the perspective of enjoying the place irrespective of the crowd that surrounds you, you are bound to fall in love with the place. The island is rich with Hindu culture, natural beauty and surprising street performances well choreographed by the locals. The perfect picture painted by travel planners of the island is however absolutely true if you have swollen pockets. Bali does offer privacy and luxury in its remote interiors however they come very expensive. The city has plenty of cheap souvenir shops but shopping can get quite exhausting with the bustling crowd.

You can feel the romance in luxurious resorts in Bali, check out below Shangri-La resort, Bali..It’s a best option for honeymoon couples in Bali.


If however you’ve made up your mind to still have your share of romantic fun on this island here is what to do on a Bali honeymoon;

You could explore the Hindu culture and rituals, spend some quality time at the sandy golden beaches or take a romantic dip in the azure waters of the island. Feast on a delightful candle light dinner or enjoy a relaxing spa towards the end of your day. Last but not the least,enhance your  mood by spending sometime shopping on this naturally beautiful island.

Bali may not be all that exciting as you dreamt of it to be, but it does make for an above average honeymoon destination. To call it the best would be overrating the island.

3 Days in Kuala Lumpur

Worrying how to spend 3 days in Kuala Lumpur? Check out our Kuala Lumpur 3 days itinerary that helps you to plan a perfect 3 days trip to Kuala Lumpur. Covers all the major attractions of Kuala Lumpur.

When it comes to a vacation in Kuala Lumpur, people usually run out of innovative ideas. The only thing that keeps popping up in mind is the ‘social scene’ and the ‘cuisines’ of the city. Is it the only facts to look forward in this Malaysian city? Of course not! The city has lot more to offer than you can expect.  However, the sad part of the story is most of the heritage sites of the city are heard to be going down because of the extension of new MRT line. Especially the old part of Kuala Lumpur will be affected. Hence, before this myth
turns into a reality, planning a Kuala Lumpur 3 day itinerary should be your goal for the next vacation.

Now, the obvious question that comes up is what should be your mode of transportation when you are there? People usually look for public transportation as it is the easiest and inexpensive option to look forward. How about considering walking tour around the city? For your convenience, here’s a snippet as to how you should plan your trip. Take a look into it!

Once you reach the city, start your day with a healthy breakfast and the best way to do that is from Jalan Alor. Walk down the streets and you are going to come across numerous
street cafes and roadside eateries serving some of the authentic cuisines of Malaysia. In order to grab a cheap bite, Jalan Alor is a heaven for you. Start with Kopi O (Black sweetene coffee) or Kopi Ais (Iced Coffee) to rejuvenate your day. Order for a plate of stir-fried noodles and a platter full of fried fishcakes and you will be full till afternoon

After you are done with the breakfast, start walking towards Menara KL Tower. With 421 meter height, the tower is said to be the 6th telecommunication tower in the world. The glass floor of the tower let you enjoy an aerial view of the entire city, right under your
feet. In order to begin your trip around Kuala Lumpur, the observation deck of this tower is an ideal point as you can see all the attractions from this view point. Once you are done with this tower, move on to Petronas Towers; the pride of Kuala Lumpur that glorifies its skyline. These massive stainless steel giants with a sleek design and a sky bridge connecting the tower have become the icons of Kuala Lumpur. Walk across the bridge to view the city from the top. The walk is definitely a breathtaking experience which hardly can be ignored.


Image Title: Petronas Tower

By now, you will be tired enough to walk anymore. So, your next destination should be for food. Pick any of the restaurants located near these towers. The zigzagged lanes around the towers will take you to both expensive as well as inexpensive hotels and eateries. Choose any one of them to fill up your appetite. Try cuisines that gives you the flavor of Malay spices as well as Chinese ingredients.

As the next day start, how about beginning your day with visiting religious places? Come and see the oldest Chinese temple of Kuala Lampur, named Sze Ya Temple. Every nook and corner of the temple has history hidden within in. Explore the history and the highlight of the temple, the set of pewter ware. From this temple, you can move on to Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple of Kuala Lampur. If you are keen in seeing Hindu religious rituals and their style of worshipping, going to this temple will be a worth visit.


If you have strong foot and don’t mind walking for long hours, head off to The Bird Park (or KL Bird Park). Housing nearly 3000 birds belonging to nearly 200 species, it is one of the worth places to visit if you want to learn about these feathered species. The Park also has a lake, Orchids and Hibiscus Garden where you can stroll or spent few self hours. Visiting all these places will cover almost half of your day tour itinerary plan for Kuala Lampur.

The next destination that you should consider now is Chinatown. Situated almost near the Bird Park, it is a heaven for shopaholics. The region is popular for getting the best product in the most inexpensive price tag. If you are an expert in bargaining price, Chinatown will be a total game for you. After from shopping outlets, the place is popular for vibrant nightlife. For foodies, Chinatown is the ‘ultimate’ destination. From dumplings to proper dining options, Chinatown has everything in its platter to offer. Else you can go to Chow Kit Wet Market, also known as Bazaa BaruChowkand; the largest wet market of Malaysia. From clothing to fresh foods and vegetable, the market has everything for you to buy.

The list doesn’t end here, there are lot many things to do  in Kuala Lumpur. However, you might not be able to cover every attraction only by walking. In that case, ask the locals as to what else are there those can be explored by foot. Once you are done with it, enjoy your 3 day tour to Kuala Lumpur in the best way.

Things to Do in Singapore  in 2 Days

Worrying about what Things to Do in Singapore  in 2 days? Look out the list of famous destinations of Singapore you should not miss in your 2 days trip to Singapore.

Singapore is often defined as a place for shopping, eating and watching movies. But is the only thing this cosmopolitan city-state has to offer? Just ignore such travel myth! Being the world’s leading economic center, Singapore gives little scope for you to get bored. With great parks, bustling streets and eat outs, Singapore deserves a weekend trip from you. Moving ahead with this plan, it is always advisable to prepare a Singapore itinerary 2 days to visit all the important hangouts where the true charm of Singapore lies.

Remember, a well planned trip always works wonder. So, here are few top picks:

Watch reefs and dolphin at the Sisters Islands Marine Park –

The water over here is blue. Yes! You heard it right! The color used to use to define water in the books is what you get to see here. Perhaps this is the reason why people prefer to enjoy snorkeling and swimming in this marine park. At the same time, you get to see the coral
reefs, probably the richest ones of Singapore, under the water. Beside snorkeling and swimming, choose shades of the palm trees to grab a small bite from your picnic basket. At the Sisters Islands, go for free guided tours and take pleasure of watching dolphin playfully moving around in the water.

Tip: wear flat, covered shoes; take picture but not reefs; don’t feed any animals

Explore ‘the little island’, Sentosa –

Explore this little island getaway that lets you get the best view of Singapore from its 450 feet high Tiger Sky Tower. Walk into the famous Underwater World Aquarium and watch closely the beautiful marine world lying hundred of meters, down the water. Have fun in the Universal Studios Singapore and stroll along Sentosa Boardwalk to enjoy the beautiful city scape. Don’t be surprised if the trip takes half a day of your schedule.


Tip: You need to pay around $2.50 USD to enter Sentosa

Spark up your spirit with Forest Adventure –

The myth is – Singapore and forest adventure; these two words don’t go together. However, MacRitchie Reservoir Park has proved it wrong. Go for the Tree Top Walk – a free
suspension bridge tied between two highest point of the Park, offering a stunning view of the thick forest and the wildlife. Else go for biking at Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail and get that adrenaline rush. Do you still need anything more to boost up your adventurous spirit?


Image Source: wanderingsouls.in

Tip:The Tree Top Walk is open from 9 am – 5 pm daily. The biking trail of Bukit Timah Mountain has undergone restoration and so, it’s much safer for mountain biking.

Commune with nature in the Gardens of Singapore –

How about spending a family picnic in the Botanical Gardens with free concerts as a treat? It does sound exciting. The Botanical Garden of Singapore has an incredible collection of horticultural and botanical attractions that’s worth visit. Besides, you cannot forget the famous Gardens by the Bay, lying 22 meters above the land at the Super trees vertical gardens.

Tip:- watch the tallest indoor waterfalls, located in the Cloud Forest.


Watch movie under the sky at night –

Watching movies in cinemas sounds cliche when you are in Singapore!  So, here comes Movie Mob that offers free drive-in movie concept all over Singapore.  If weekend movie treat is a must-do activity for you, come and be part of this community to enjoy movie under the stars and sky without spending a penny. The community also lets you vote for your favorite movie.


Tip: Check their social media profile page to track their next movie screening destination

Catch a glimpse of China in Chinatown –

Get a glimpse of traditional Chinese life in Singapore. Settled beside the modern Central Business District, Chinatown offers everything of China; right from its culture to its food and lifestyle. The streets are filled with restaurants, temples and shops.

Tip – don’t forget to get the Chinese souvenir from Chinatown.


Museum Hopping –

Bar hopping? Duh! How about museum hopping? Singapore has 5 free entry museums. Just go and take a journey into the historical past of Singapore. Start off from the National Museum of Singapore, then move on to Singapore Art Museum, Asian Civilisations Museums, Art Science Museum, Peranakan Museum, Reflections at Bukit Chandu and Our Museum @ Taman Jurong.


Shop till you drop –

If you or your travel companions believe in ‘shop till you drop’ concept, drag yourself to Singapore Really Really Free Market. Yes, everything that is laid over there on display is absolutely free for you. If by mistake you keep your purse over there, it will be considered free. Joke apart! You get to see the real spirit of Kampung over here. If the ‘free’ concept doesn’t instigate your shopaholic spirit, go for budget shopping at SCAPE bazzar that takes
place every weekend. MAD Pyjamas (Market of Artists and Designers) is another option, happens on every Friday.

Tip: Be sure to explore the Little India, one of the vibrant places of Singapore, situated at the east of Singapore River.

Cruise down the Singapore River –

Aboard on the cruise to take a tour down the Singapore River! The entire journey let you enjoy the nice scenic beauty of Singapore. Hit off to the riversides like Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Esplanade and Bayfront South.


Grab a seat at a free concert of Esplanade  –

After a long tour around Singapore, give a treat to your eyes and ears. For that, nothing can be a better than catching up a free concert of Esplanade. From international musical acts to theater productions and festivals, all kinds of world-class performances are held in Esplanade.

Tip: Catch a show in one of its theaters and experience its acoustics

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The list is endless and you might end up extending your stay in this city-state. With its fast development face and vibrant nightlife city, the city has a lot its kitty to offer you. So, make sure you don’t miss out on picking up the best option for your memorable trip.

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4 Days Trip to Maldives

Worrying about how to plan a 4 days trip to Maldives? Check out a perfect Maldives 4 days itinerary that helps you to Plan a Perfect Trip.

Planning Maldives tour itinerary is really very tough..I have come out with things to do in Maldives tour.


I have planned it for four days.So read how to explore Maldives for each day –

Day 1 in Maldives :  Start your day by visiting Sultan Park And National Museum in early morning then stroll around Island leisure Maldives spot.Once done have your lunch and go for Grand Friday Mosque.Finally when the sun comes down then head to Republic Square where you can do shopping.

Day 2 in Maldives : Visit  Male Market, Villingili, Ari Atoll and the most stunning Hulhumale Island.

Day 3 in Maldives : Majeedhee Magu and Beach Palace

Day 4 in Maldives : Watch the beautiful sun rise at Sunset Beach and create memories out of it.Taste  the yummy breakfast at Chilli Pot Restaurant. Then comes the Marine Park, if your are marine lover then visit it for sure.How could you forget to try out doing spa if you are in Maldives? Palm Beach Spa can give you a better experience of spa.