Explore The Fun Things New York Trip Plan Offers To Its Visitors

Exploring New York like a tourist is the most common thing that most of the visitors do. But have you tried exploring the city like a traveler? Well, if you are visiting this dream city for the first time, then walk in like a traveler. Plan your New York travel itinerary in such a way that you get to discover every corner of the city. Be a true New Yorker and relish the spirit of true New Yorker.

New York

Plan your trip to include all the happening places in New York. Though the city does have some mesmerizing skyscrapers and monuments, it also has a few sites which teach you a lot about the city’s culture. Some of the names that come under this list are Natural History Museum, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the MoMA and the Met.
Moving from this cultural landscape, head off towards the east. Plan a trip easily with online itinerary planner based on your personal choice

Especially if you are travelling in summer, you definitely cannot miss out the bohemian spirit of the east and that is the Hamptons. It is the ultimate summer destination for the New Yorkers. Here, boosts your adventure spirit with some surfing spots, walk down to Montauk to cool off yourself with a nice sunset cocktail. Like Hampton, another name that should be included in your New York tour planner is Rockaway Beach. It is the only legal surfing beach in the city. Beside surfing, this beach also offers ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.

In the early evening hours, walk up to the Brooklyn Bridge park to watch the fascinating view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown Manhattan. Well, when you are in this park, make a short tour to Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Smell the flowers of this garden to refresh your mood.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden.jpg

However, your trip doesn’t end here. This New York travel planner includes to witness the musical world of the city. For instance, catch up a show in the Radio City Mall. Else go to a Broadway show to enjoy country music. For sports lovers, catch up a Yankees game.
Now, as you are done with all the list of activities and places to see in this city, let’s check out the corners which give you the ultimate satisfaction to your tummy. Start off with a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s. Else try smoked fish from Russ & Daughters and wash it down with egg cream from Yonna Schimmel. As you know, New York is filled with some mind blowing fancy restaurants. Try in one of them. Though the bill might put a hole in your pocket, but trying something extravagant once in a lifetime doesn’t sound bad. And last but not the least, try lots and lots of bagels. A gastronomic tour in New York will be incomplete unless you taste the bagels.

Yonna Schimmel.jpg
So, if you think that city has options only for food lovers then you are wrong. For binge drinkers, the city has hidden bars above a Five Guys and few of which remains open till the wee hours of the night.

All in all, this perfect New York trip planner includes everything that can make your trip entertaining and memorable.


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