Get Lost in Amazement with History and Natural Beauty of Catania

Explore the amazing destinations of Catania with our hand picked list. The city is known for its Baroque buildings and most famous Mt. Etna an active volcano.


Catania, an ancient port city and a hit on the Catania trip planner list is on Sicily’s east coast sits at the foot of Mt. Etna. The city is known for its Baroque buildings. Mt. Etna is an active volcano and has trails up to its summit. Before becoming a Roman colony the city had prospered as an agricultural land. You can take a day long trip to Mount Etna which is also designated as a National Park.

The city’s symbol is an elephant as it is said that in ancient times the pigmy elephant that lived there used to chase away the enemy and protect the inhabitants. The places a tourist with Catania trip planner will find interesting are full of historical facts and gives evidence of nature’s influence on the town.

Palazzo Biscari


The ornate windows and doors of the palace make it the city’s most flamboyant. The successors of the Prince Biscari still own and live in the palace making it more unique. But a part of the palace displays collections of extensive art forms. Some have even been donated to Museo Civico.

Monastero Dei Benedettini


This former monastery is one of the biggest in all of Europe. The continuation of the construction stretched for a long period and thus is evident through various incorporated style structures. The late Baroque features are lovely to look at. The Catania trip planner gives the information that monastery is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the home to the department of Humanities of the University of Catania.

Castello Ursino


The sturdy building of Castello Ursino is built of lava stone in the 13th century. The Hohenstaufen period defensive fortification shows close resemblance with the castle of Frederick II in Syracuse. The castle originally stood by the port until the lava flowed past it and pushed the coastline to the East.

Badia Sant’ Agata


The Sant’ Agata convent church was built between 1735 and 1767. The huge building structure is dominated by an octagon shaped domes and has superb facade in front of it. There is also an interesting nun’s gallery which a tourist can have a look at in a Catania trip planner suggested vacation.

Porta Garibaldi


The Porta Garibaldi Monumental gate was constructed in honor of King Ferdinand IV and his spouse Maria Carolina. The striking gate has dramatic horizontal layers of white limestone and black lava.

Teatro Romano


The original Teatro Romano was built in second century BC is interesting according to Catania trip planner. The interesting fact about this historical auditorium is that the steps are entirely made of lava but the orchestra and seating rows are covered in marble.

Museo Civico


The Museo Civico is the house to the historical collections and findings from the surrounding areas. Among these, the torso of a Roman emperor and Hellenistic relief of Polyphemus being blinded by Odysseus are very famous. Other mentionable items for buying in the trip are porcelains, fragments of mosaics, inscriptions and collection of rare weapons.

Piazza Del Duomo


Catania has a number of lovely squares, but the Piazza del Duomo is the most gracious and spacious. This cathedral square is situated in the center of the city and preserves the Baroque architecture of the 18th century. There is an elephant fountain around which the baroque styled cathedrals can be seen. The charming Fontana dell’Elephante or Elephant fountain is made of black lava and is supported by a small Egyptian obelisk.
The information provided by Catania trip planner says that Natural catastrophes have tried to ruin the town several times. In 1576 plague, in 1669 lava flow and in 1693 the great earthquake left the town to ruins. But the 18th-century reconstruction rejuvenated Catania with a rich legacy which is now the major attractions of the city.

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