Best Romantic Getaways & Honeymoon Resorts in Brazil

Check out a list of best honeymoon getaways and honeymoon resorts in Brazil. It offers numerous beaches along with the option of kayaking through the vast wetlands


Deciding the best place for honeymoon is a challenge in itself. There are many beautiful places around the globe where you can go for honeymoon with your partner. One of the best places amongst the all is definitely Brazil. It is a perfect paradise for honeymooners as it offers numerous beaches along with the option of kayaking through the vast wetlands. Along with the dynamic culture and fun loving people, you will also find great delicious food and nightlife, wilderness adventure and perfect seclusion from the hustle and bustle of city life. Brazil also has some of the world’s best honeymoon resorts to make your honeymooning experience even more memorable. Thus, Brazil is considered as one of the most romantic gateways for couples which is why it is has more number of honeymoon packages all inclusive.


Here are some of the best honeymoon places in Brazil that you should include in your trip planning.


Starting off with the most happening part of the country, Rio is the city you should definitely visit to know and learn about the culture, food and people of Brazil. One of the most beautiful destinations here is Copacabana waterfront, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets with your partner followed by the candle light dinner at a restaurant. Also, if you love adventure, do not miss the cable car ride to Sugar Loaf Mountain, which offers splendid views of the city throughout the ride. Also, Tijuca, word’s largest urban forest is a must visit to see the beauty of nature.


For nature lovers, Patanal is the perfect place to be at. Surrounded by the dense forest, you can enjoy some of the best wildlife on the continent here. Also, it has one of the best honeymoon resorts to make this experience even more memorable. Refugio Ecological Caiman is the best lodge for honeymooners. Guests here have a private reserve where it is possible to spot jaguar at times if you are lucky. All in all, staying here is one of the best experiences honeymooners can have to cherish. Also, Amazon is another great place to see the variety of flora and fauna in Brazil.

Brazil has a large number of beaches to visit. Praia do Forte is one of the most happening beaches in Brazil. You can head to Pipa from here which happens to be a small town on the coast. If you prefer to stay away in a secluded place, then Trancoso is a small town set around a Hugh, quadrado. The nights here are especially amazing due to the lights that make the whole town look beautiful. Also, Ilha Grande is another beautiful lush green forested island with no roads and one town. Kayaking through the forests on these islands is an experience in itself. You can have dinner at a beachside restaurant while enjoying the beautiful sunset here.

Iguacu Falls.jpg

One of the most mesmerizing and among the wonders of the natural world, Iguacu Falls is one amazing sight to visit. You can take a helicopter ride with your partner to enjoy the bird eyes view of the falls. One of the best all inclusive honeymoon resorts you will find here is Hotel das Cataratas. Staying here is special as it offers elusive access to the falls at dawn and dusk when the crown is very less. This makes it one of the unforgettable experiences on your honeymoon vacation.


To truly experience the people in Brazil, you must visit Fazenda Catucaba which is a colonial country farmhouse hidden in the mountains of Green Coast. The place is full of lush green mountains and the villas set up on the hill making it one of the most romantic gateways in Brazil.

Thus, Brazil is a perfect honeymoon destination with all its culture, natural beauty and delicious food.

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