How to Spend 3 Days in London

Are you planning a short trip to London on your coming vacation and looking for a succinct London trip planner? here is full detailed 3 day london itinerary that solves your problem.


Are you planning a short trip to London on your coming vacation and looking for a succinct London trip planner? Isn’t it true when you first hear about London, a lot of things randomly pops up into your mind? Well, obviously you need to follow an effective journey guide to be able to visit the most of the attractions of London within this short time span. When you are short on time, but want to make this London trip a lifetime experience of yours, you can follow the below mentioned London trip planner to make your trip eventful as well as momentous.


1st Day in London


Start your first-day city tour with the world famous Big Ben, one of the world heritage sites under the UNESCO. Next, you can visit another impressive heritage site under UNESCO i.e. Houses of parliament. If you want to capture some picturesque sights of the Big Ben and the Houses of parliament, nothing can be a better than the Westminster Bridge. Next, take a 5 minutes’ walk to visit the Britain’s Prime Minister’s official home as well as office i.e. Nr. 10 Downing Street. Westminster Abbey, an example of the medieval architecture is just 5 minutes walking distance away from the presidential office. This building is a proof of sheer brilliant artwork and this church has a huge influence on the European History.


Is it even possible that you’re in London and not visiting the Queen’s palace? Well, Buckingham Palace should be on your list of must-visit places. Just beside the palace, a wonderful and lively park namely St. James’s Park is located. The refreshing scenic beauties of this park will definitely sooth your eyes. After this, you can boost up your energy by having lunch in some nearby restaurants like Two Chairmen, Inn The Park etc.
After having lunch, you can continue your London city tour by visiting the Cabinet War Rooms and The British Museum. Well, in the evening you can visit Harrods.

2nd Day in London


You can start your 2nd-day trip by visiting an immensely popular public attraction i.e. Trafalgar Square. When you’re at this square, you must pay a visit to the National Gallery. Apart from this, don’t forget to check-in to the Piccadilly Circus and The Oxford Circus. The shopping experience in the Oxford Street is one of a kind experience.
Before heading out to the next location, you can have your lunch and then take a trip to the famous monument, Marble Arch. The Hyde Park is located just next to this monument. If you’re on a vacation with your family and kids, you must visit the Imperial War Museum.


Well, you can end your 2nd-day trip by having a mesmerizing view of the immensely popular London Eye. The fascinating evening view of this monument is an unforgettable experience.

3rd Day in London


The world-famous dome St. Paul’s Cathedral is an example of intriguing artwork. This can be a good start of your 3rd day trip around London. Your next destinations should be the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.
The breathtaking beautiful view and the relaxing atmosphere of the Regent’s park can refresh your mind. You will definitely like this well organized and superbly maintained garden. Next, for the evening, take a walk of 15 minutes from the Regent Park and you’ll reach the world famous Madame Tussaud’s Museum.


Well, obviously without having a pithy as well as an efficient vacation guide you cannot successfully take a tour around all the public attractions of London within this short span of time. Hence, before heading out, make a list of the places you want to travel, prepare a concise yet eventful London travel itinerary to make your trip memorable.

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