Best Things to do in Benidorm in 2017

Check out a list of best things to do in Benidorm in 2017. Benidorm is a beautiful coastal town and is known for its beautiful beaches, tall skyscrapers and also the hotel industry.


Benidorm is a beautiful coastal town which is situated in the province of Alicante in Spain. Benidorm was a small village before the year of 1960. The town has developed since more than a decade and at present it is known for its beaches, tall skyscrapers and also the hotel industry. This is the result of the tourist oriented economy of the country. When the census was taken in the year 2010 the population of this town was around 71,000. In Spain in the Alicante province it ranks in the fifth position in terms of population. Most of the high rise buildings are located in Benidorm. The Benidorm tourism has thrived because after 1960 the country has focused more on the tourism and hence even the major amount of revenues is also generated from tourism.


When you visit the city of Benidorm you shall be surprised to know that the entire city is surrounded by the mountains and hence you experience a mild climate. You can enjoy both sunshine and cool atmosphere. You can visit Benidorm anytime during the year. The city is the most famous tourist destinations for tourists coming from across the world. I got a chance to visit Benidorm. The first thing I decided to do was to take a proper Benidorm travel planner so that I do not miss any important places in the city and take full advantage of my vacation.

I got the entire details of Benidorm tourist information from the government offices here in Benidorm. The officials here are so friendly and provide every bit of important information to the tourists. Thus I did not find any problem in enjoying my vacation at Benidorm.

Here are some best and most convincing reasons to visit Benidorm:

1. Beaches of Benidorm


The city of Benidorm has developed so much over the past decades. The strongest and the best assets of this city are its beaches. I had the chance to see such ecstatic beaches first time. These beaches stretch for more than three miles. I noticed an amazing thing in Benidorm both the famous beaches – Lavante and Poniente – known as sunrise and sunset respectively in Spanish language are the cleanest beaches. Unlike other beaches they are neat and clean and this is an amazing fact which I saw in Benidorm and an important aspect of Benidorm.

2. Casco Antiguo


This is the old town and not to be missed during your Benidorm tourism. When I explored the old town I could find all the streets are buzzing with different shops and restaurants. The locals call this place the walking street. If you want to buy clothes then this is the right place for you.

3. Terra Mica


This is one of the largest theme park situated in Benidorm. This forms an integral part of Benidorm. This is one of the largest in the world and it is a roller coaster theme park. There are more than 30 rides and the entire theme park is divided into 5 areas namely – Egypt, Greece, Iberia, Rome and the Islands.

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