8 Popular Caves in Missouri

Check out our hand picked list of most prominent caves in Missouri that adds tinge of thrill and adventure to your trip to Missouri.

America’s Missouri is so much more than a random state that raises corn and cotton. Thanks to its diversified attractions, Missouri is a celebrated tourist destination, today!
The Lead State, The Ozark State, The Mother of the West, The Iron Mountain State and what not. Missouri has so many names. But the most prominent one is- Cave State.
Why? The reason- Missouri is home to more than 6000 caves. Now, that’s quite a number! We won’t bore you by giving long descriptions of all 6000 caves. But here is a list of 8 prominent caves in Missouri for the tinge of thrill and adventure to your trip to Missouri.

1. Mark Twain Cave: The oldest operating show cave

Source: Wikimedia 

Also known as McDowell’s Cave, it started operating as a show cave way back in 1886. Currently owned by the Coleberd family, frequent cave tours are organised thus making the caves, one of the most heavily visited heritage sites. In addition to the caves, there are various shops, like candle shops and also a winery. Hence, don’t forget to buy something on your way out of there.

2. Talking Rocks Cavern: The one with a light and sound show!



If you’re planning to take your family along with you, then Talking Rocks Cavern is the attraction you must explore. Located in Stone County, west of Reeds Spring, Talking Rocks Cavern is currently owned by the Herschend Family Entertainment and they organise the cave tours. A short tour with all sorts of fun and thrill also includes a light and sound show. The caves are famous for curtain and bacon like formations.

3. Fantastic Caverns: Fantastic, indeed!

Source: Wikimedia 

Located in Springfield, Fantastic Caverns is a show cave which allows you a ride through a tour. The 55-minute tour is carried with the help of trams which takes you on a ride, you’ll cherish forever.
Fun Fact: In the 1950s and 60s, the caves served as a hall for rock concerts which were later telecasted in 1970s. Forget Tomorrowland, I would’ve opted for this one!

4. Marvel Cave: Truly, a marble’s marvel!


This one is the largest cave in Missouri and has the largest cave entry, too! So you’ll receive a grand welcome, quite literally! Located near Branson, Missouri on the top of Roark Mountain, Stone County, Marvel Cave is one of the most visited caves in Missouri. The caves have various rooms and passages so that you can explore it in a perfect manner. In order to give it a more spooky feel, obvious bats and salamanders reside here, too. Until 2006, the authorities organised traditional tours. But after that, lantern tours have been organised.

Author: Travel Hobo

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