Think Twice Before You Ride This Terrifying Glass ‘Skyslide’

Last month, Los Angeles debuted the Skyslide, a terrifying-looking attraction in which visitors ride a glass slide perched 1,000 feet high on the edge of a skyscraper.

Sounds epic, right? But as it turns out, you might want to think twice before riding.


Glass Skyslide in Los Angeles 

A recent lawsuit claims the slide does not allow riders to slow down enough as they reach the end, a factor that caused one woman to break her ankle after her foot got stuck in a gap created by the slide’s landing pads, the Associated Press reports. The claim is under review.

On a separate note, many visitors say the slide doesn’t quite live up to its daredevil hype. They report the slide is short and small, with a few mats at the end for cushion. It’s a surprisingly quick thrill considering the hefty $33 entrance fee, which also gets you access to the building’s observation decks.

“Meh. Slide was ok,” one rider wrote on Instagram. “The view was better [than] the slide but still a fun experience.”

Think you’d like to ride? Take a look, and decide for yourself:

Source: Think Twice Before You Ride This Terrifying Glass ‘Skyslide’


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