7 Reasons Why Bali is an Overrated Honeymoon Destination

7 Reasons Why Bali is an Overrated Honeymoon Destination: Bali Pristine beaches and luxury honeymoon resorts makes it an ideal choice for your honeymoon.


Ever spent a holiday wondering where is all that you heard about the place? Where’s that extra piece of adventure that should complete your fun filled trip? Was it that you dreamt of something else while reality gave you an unappealing surprise? Or were you so badly
misled? Don’t put yourself through a feeling like that on your honeymoon. Surprisingly, the one place you can reconsider on the list would be Bali. Yes you read that right. You thought Bali was in synonymous with Paradise, didn’t you?

Although it is true that Bali tops the world tourist map as a romantic destination with its pristine beaches and luxurious honeymoon resorts, unfortunately, that’s all the island has to offer. If you think harder, may be Bali itinerary has something more to it? Of course, it indeed has a population of four million people sharing the space on the little island. While most people look up to Bali as an ideal spot to vent out romance, let us look at reasons why the island is actually overrated for the same reason.

To name a few reasons why Bali is overrated, Population, commonness, privacy, expensiveness, lack of variety, noise and excessive crowd are 7 things that would top the list.

When on a honeymoon, the prime most factor that makes it special and different is the privacy. An ideal honeymoon for most of us is when you and your spouse spend quality time together with an illusion that you’ll are the only two in existence. Now that is something you can hardly expect from Bali. Even if you put aside the inevitable population in your honeymoon space, you definitely cannot overlook the 10,000 people who are already on the island to enjoy their honeymoon just like you. To top it all the island is also pretty noisy which may get irritating on a romantic get away.


Most visited tourist place in Bali, Indonesia.

Of course the island is full of beaches and restaurants, but hello, is this the only place where you find beaches and restaurants? What makes it even worse is that you’re not really signing up for something new or different on your honeymoon. Due to the island’s
popularity most people are probably exploring the same parts of Bali as you are and doing the same thing you have planned.

Having said that, the island can be looked at in a positive way as well. If you visit Bali with the perspective of enjoying the place irrespective of the crowd that surrounds you, you are bound to fall in love with the place. The island is rich with Hindu culture, natural beauty and surprising street performances well choreographed by the locals. The perfect picture painted by travel planners of the island is however absolutely true if you have swollen pockets. Bali does offer privacy and luxury in its remote interiors however they come very expensive. The city has plenty of cheap souvenir shops but shopping can get quite exhausting with the bustling crowd.

You can feel the romance in luxurious resorts in Bali, check out below Shangri-La resort, Bali..It’s a best option for honeymoon couples in Bali.


If however you’ve made up your mind to still have your share of romantic fun on this island here is what to do on a Bali honeymoon;

You could explore the Hindu culture and rituals, spend some quality time at the sandy golden beaches or take a romantic dip in the azure waters of the island. Feast on a delightful candle light dinner or enjoy a relaxing spa towards the end of your day. Last but not the least,enhance your  mood by spending sometime shopping on this naturally beautiful island.

Bali may not be all that exciting as you dreamt of it to be, but it does make for an above average honeymoon destination. To call it the best would be overrating the island.

Author: Travel Hobo

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