Best Things to do in Shanghai

Wondering what are the best things to do in Shanghai? Check out our hand picked list of amazing activities to do in Shanghai that fills fun and enjoyment in your life.


If you are planning visiting any city of China but not able to select which city should be selected for spending holiday trip then here is the solution. You should make a trip to Shanghai where you can have a lot of fun by taking part in different Shanghai activities. Tourists who visit this city are not only amazed by major attractions, modern metropolis, & gateway to developing country but also amazed by unique traditional and modern cultural Shanghai activities.


When I was in Shanghai with my friends during my holiday trip I enjoyed a lot. There are numbers of recreational events in Shanghai by which one can have a lot of fun. This city is full of enjoy and its vibrant life attract me to visit this city again and definitely I will not miss a chance of visiting this city if I will get a chance of visiting city ever in my life.

When you should visit Shanghai: Generally, weather conditionsmoist and mild, pleasant warm spring, hot summers with heavy rain, cool autumn, cold winters. Hottest months in this city are considered during July and August. You should visit this city during March to many months to not face any problem and enjoy the trip with good climate conditions.

Some most popular Recreational activities in shanghai:

Shopping:Shopping in this city offers abundance of high quality stores, trendy Bouquets and designer outlets. Shopping offers numbers of opportunity to people buying number of good clothes or other items. You can enjoy shopping and experience the excellent way of shopping here.


Rock Climbing:You can also enjoy rock climbing here. In this city, artificial rock climbing indoor offer opportunities to those people who love climbing. This indoor activity is also god for those who are very new to rock climbing.


Golf:You can find in this city some of best world class golf clubs where you can enjoy playing golf in fresh mornings. International Golf course Shanghai is famous all around the world and it has 54 – hole golf courses. You can enjoy the view of this golf course and can also enjoy by seeing golf activities.

Bowling:It is one of most popular activities of Shanghai people to pass time in good way. You can found numbers of bowling centres all over the city and can enjoy a lot. You can find these in major complexes, hotels and in entertainment centres.


These are some activities to do in Shanghai and many others are there about which you can get information from major search engines or from JoGuru Travel guide website. JoGuru website will provide you all the information about city, things to do in city, climate conditions, events and festivals which are celebrated in city and all about the city.

Author: Travel Hobo

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