Exciting Things to Do in Lisbon

Explore some exciting things to do in Lisbon. Indulge yourself in watching crazy football matches, exciting motor races and playing with different species of animal in famous Lisbon zoo.


Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. Being as one of the largest cities of the Portugal. It is also considered as one of the populous cities of the world. The Lisbon is very popular among the tourists. The main reason behind this is the recreational activities in Lisbon.The place offers a wide range of Lisbon activities to explore for the tourists from the different parts of the world.

Best time to go to Lisbon

The best time considered to visit Lisbon is in the months of September and October or you can also visit Lisbon in the months of March to May.

If you are really planning to visit Lisbon, then it is essential that you should have the complete knowledge of theactivities to do in Lisbon. Therefore, I have listed some of the important activities which you should not miss on your tour to Lisbon.

  1. Football

It is one of the most popular Lisbon activities. The Portuguese hardly have interest in any other game except football and having produced some of the finest players of football it is an obsession at Lisbon. Therefore, I decided to try this sport and moved in to the Football stadiums in this place and if you are the individual who is crazy about football then this is an ideal place for you.


 2. Outdoor things to enjoy in Lisbon

The biggest sport passion in the Lisbon is Football. However, apart from the football people here are also interested in motor racing. There are a number of tracks available in Lisbon. I also participated in the local competitions as a audience, which are held in Lisbon for the motor racing. However, it is also essential that you should be cautious enough in this aspect since this activity can also lead to serious injuries.



3. Lisbon Zoo

The Lisbon zoo is  major attraction of the tourists from different parts of the world. Here you can easily find different species of animals in their natural habitats. This zoo is also the home of some of the endangered species of animals.Dolphin Show is very popular in Lisbon Zoo.It is a kind of place in Lisbon which will be enjoyable for parents as well as children.


4. Lisbon GPS-guided tour

Besides these recreational activities in Lisbon, I also visited the newest as well as the most exciting activities in the city such as Lisbon GPS-guided tour around Lisbon on a little three wheeler convertible. This was also a memorable experience.


When you are planning your trip to Lisbon it is also very beneficial to browse on TripHobo website. The main reason behind this is that this website contains all the information which you will need in order to plan your trip to Lisbon properly.

Author: Travel Hobo

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