Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam

Explore some of the best places to visit in Amsterdam one should not miss. Most of the Amsterdam attractions are both entertaining and are of education point of view.


Amsterdam is one of the capital of Europe and has a lots of tourist attraction for its visitors. The most famous Amsterdam places to visit are the Canals of Amsterdam, and tourist flock the city all through the year, to enjoy its innate beauty. The city is unique and authentic despite its fixed and moving population. Let us explore some of the best Amsterdam sightseeing options and places one should not miss to visit in this article. You can plan a trip with itinerary planner for better travel experience.

Best of Amsterdam tourist attractions:

1.Amsterdam canal ring-The city old focus is shaped from waterway rings, which give the visitors the feeling of space, opportunity and peace. Another route to investigate the Venice of the North is to take a ride on a cycle. Nevertheless, there is ample delight in this city, a standout amongst the most excellent on the planet.


2. Het Scheepvaart MuseumAfter its redesign The Maritime Museum is a charming place to visit, particularly with kids. The colorful and pleasant gallery helps people to grasp the history of the Netherlands, a minor country which was hundreds of year’s prior one of the planet’s most stupendous ocean powers.


3. Rijksmuseum-The Rijksmuseum is the biggest historical center in the Netherlands and is one of the best Amsterdam places to visit, with more than a million guests every year. The Rijksmuseum is right now in a delayed redesign; however a modest part of it remains open. Its presentation called The Masterpieces shows the most acclaimed bits of Dutch craftsmanship from the century, known as the Golden Age of the Netherlands.



4.Van Gogh Museum-The museum has almost 200 painted creations and 550 representations demonstrating Van Gogh. This is the most amazing gallery on the planet gathering the works of Van Gogh.


5. Begijnhof-This is a narrow passage way that leads into a quiet and beautiful garden mixed with old houses located at the center of the town. This frames an important part of Amsterdam sightseeing and is the oldest house here.


6. Oude KerkThis is a gigantic old protestant church with small houses sticking to its sides. It remains as a smooth paradise at the heart of the frantic Red Light District. Its edifices, particularly the Gothic-renaissance style octagonal ringer tower and were utilized by mariners to get their orientation.


 7.Amsterdam Brown Cafe-This is the ideal place for enjoying a cup of coffee or a sip of wine after a tedious day at work. It offers a friendly atmosphere with a unique experience to relax and watch the locals.


8. Magere Brug-It is a double leaf Dutch bridge that connects the side of the river Amstel. The bridge opens every twenty minutes and the bridge master lets the boats through them, this is a spectacular vision and one best place to see in Amsterdam.


9.Exhibits and shows:

A large number of people visit the city for its attractions to educate and entertain. There are many exhibitions organised to enlighten people on specific proponents.


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